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Rhode Island

Biltmore wedding venue

Hi I am looking to have my wedding at the Biltmore in downtown Providence. I was hoping to get other peoples opinions who had a wedding there or who attended  a wedding there. Some questions... How was the food?  My budget for the entire wedding is around 20-25,000, would the Biltmore fit in my budget? How are the Staff? Thanks

Re: Biltmore wedding venue

  • I had my wedding at the Biltmore in July 2011.  It was absolutely fantastic (if I do say so myself!) lol  Scott is great to work with, although can be difficult to get in touch with at times.  The wait staff was fantastic that night.  Everyone raved about the food and while I didn't have a chance to eat a lot that night, what I did eat was delicious.  Depending on the number of guests you can definitely do a wedding there for that amount of money.  If you want to see pictures or have any other questions, feel free to email me at trudeau dot jessica dot L at gmail dot com
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  • Thanks that was really helpful
  • I had my wedding at the Biltmore 3/09.  I can't say enough about how great it was. 

    The pricing depends upon how many people you have, although there are minimums you need to meet.  I looked at every venue in Providence that would fit my guests and then would grill them about fees (bartender, valet), tips and taxes to get an accurate idea of how much it would cost.  There is a lot that you might not think of right away which can make a difference if you're on a strict budget.

    Many of the Biltmore'sr serving staff has been with them 10 years plus which I think makes a big difference - very professional.  I think the food was great.  The venue is very impressive, esp. for out of town guests.  Again, I can't say enough - I'm so glad I had it there.
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