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Need a wedding location - outside metro area

We are from Texas.  Looking for a church in KC area to have a wedding summer of 2012.  Would love something in suburbs or rural area outside KC.  Overland Park or close would be a plus.  Older / historic church would be really great, but any suggestions would be appreciated.  Guests number around 225.   Thanks for the help!

Re: Need a wedding location - outside metro area

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    How religious are you? Do you want a church of a particular denomination? (Cstholic? Protestant? etc.) I live in Overland Park and there are some very nice churches around here I could reccomend. For example, if you did not have any particular religion in mind but still wanted in in a religious setting, there is a beautiful unity church across from my apartment that we thought about using because neither of us consider ourselves associated with a particular religion, but we still wanted a church setting. We really liked the welcoming message the unity churches have. We ended up using a similar unity church, but on the Plaza closer to the house where I grew up.

    Good luck and congrats! Let us know if you need any more suggestions!Smile
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    We would  best be described as non-denominational.  We are looking for a traditional church setting where we could bring in our own minister.
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    Hi! I would definitely check out the Unity Church of Overland Park. It is in a beautiful area and the unity churches are known for being flexible about letting you design your own service. The church probably has it's own ministers, but I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem with you bringing your own minister! Good luck and feel free to send me a PM if you need more suggestions... I know the OP area pretty well.
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