Need Color Scheme Advice or Suggestions!

So this Saturday we are going to look at our possible venue. The owners also own  landscaping company and offered to do our flowers as well. She wants me to bring in color choices and I'm pretty stumped! We are getting married June 8, 2012, I'm leaning towads and ivory wedding dress and I really don't want to go with the traditional bright oranges, pinks and purples. One idea I had was dressing my maid of honor in the more "popping" color with a wrap around her waist of the other color, then have my brides maids all wear this "other" color. One downfall is my sister is getting married this October and she is thinking of doing Sangria and Pewter. I want Silver as well but don't want to look like I am copying her. As for right now, I'm favoring Periwinkle and Silver. What do you ladies think? Also, what are the colors that compliment the most? Thanks so much for reading and any advice you give!
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Re: Need Color Scheme Advice or Suggestions!

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