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BOTH my boys getting married 1 month apart next year (2010)

HELP !!!  
both of my sons are getting married next year, 1 month apart.  The problem is , they are having very different weddings, and so finding a dress is hard.   The first wedding is a very casual outdoor wedding, and the second is a formal church wedding.  Any thoughts / ideas???

Re: BOTH my boys getting married 1 month apart next year (2010)

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    Do you have the budget for two dresses?  Personally, I don't know if it would be possible to find a dress that accommodates both wedding styles. 
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    i wouldn't want to wear the same dress to each wedding....with half the guests being the same what's the problem.  you don't have to spend alot of money and can probably find a couple of very nice dresses right off the rack...or even on line.  in the event you happen to be a plus size you can try they have a large selection at very good prices.

    good could be could have 2 daughters getting married a month apart!
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    If the formal one is an evening reception, you might want to look now!  There are alot of party dresses on sale now because of New Years.  The other one will be easier because it is more casual!  Davids Bridal does have some nice MOB dresses and some of the prices are really reasonable.  I bought mine at a bridal/party store called GroupUSA at an outlet mall.
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    You will probobly have to get 2 different dresses.
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    Macy's constantly has sales on dresses. Friends and I find $200-300 dresses for $50 all the time. You can shop on-line if there's not one near you.
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    My son and daughter were married within 3 months of each other, with very different wedding styles, and I bought a new dress for each wedding.  I had no thought of wearing the same dress to both weddings.  I'm not sure what help you want from us.

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