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Hi girls!

  I'm looking for a nice ceremony/reception site located on Lake MI. I don't want my wedding to be outside but I'd love to have Lake MI be in the background especially for pics...any ideas?!

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    I have run in to the same issue... after my grandparnts said no to using there beach on Lake Michigan... I looked to private beach houses but they won't let you use there beach due to liability reasons. We at this point, have resorted to using a county park in Grand Haven. Good thing... its FREE... since its after labor day our guests don't have to pay the entrance fee... bad thing, you don't have the beach to yourself!

    Good luck!
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    I am in the same situation as well... Although I would love to have the ceremony actually on Lake Michigan but I haven't been able to find anywhere.... It would also be nice to know areas where they have ceremonies and receptions with nice views of Lake Michigan!!  Hope someone can help give us some ideas!!
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    Whitehall / Montague area!!!!! Gorgeous beaches!!!!! There are a few beaches that are not "private" but are not well known. So people shouldnt be an issue. Im not sure what both cities rules are about weddings on the beach but I do know of people who have gotten married out on it. Its a little further away though, about 25 min north of muskegon but SO worth it. I grew up there and will be married in a church in whitehall but most of my pics will be out on the beach. Also if you are lucky enough to have a bigger budget look into the Michillinda lodge. Ceromony & reception can be held there and its right on lake michigan. Its also a resort so guests can stay there as well. I hope this helps!!!! Dont hesitate to ask any more questions!!!!!!
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    Michilinda lodge.  There is a bluff that overlooks lake michigan.  Also look at Camp Geneva. Good luck!
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