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Addressing Invitations

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I know that "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe" is traditional but I can't help disliking  that the woman gets married and suddenly has no first name anymore.

I also know that "Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe" and "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe" aren't really great choices either.

And then there's "Jane and John Doe". My wedding isn't very formal but I do like the look/sound of addressing people as Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.

I'm being ridiculous, I know.

How are you addressing your invitations?

Re: Addressing Invitations

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
    mostly because of space on the labels.. and a lot of FI guests he litteraly put "wife" on the list because he doesn't know their name... I am not tracking down all of these names.
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    Ms Jane and Mr John Doe
    The last name should follow the man

    ETA: But I think you would also have to consider married females who didn't change their last name - but I dont know the wording for that. Ms Jane Smith and Mr John Doe probably? I know that 'and' indicates they are married.
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  • I am in between Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Doe and Mr. John & Jan Doe lol

  • Mr. and Mrs. Doe if married. to keep it simple and I'd write out Both names completely in the case she didnt change her last name when married.

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