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My fiancee and I want to get married in a church, but we are not part of any religion. We don't want a minister or reverand, or any thing like that. We would love to do it at a united church or non-denominational church. Does anyone know if when you get married in a church, can you bring in someone that is ordayned or do you have to have a someone from the church proform it?

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    I May be wrong but when you get married in a church you have to have that priest/minister/reverend/pastor/rabbi perform the ceremony or you can ask  if that church is willing to let another priest/minister, etc. from a "sister" church (meaning a church of the same religion but different area) if you prefer that person peforming your service. But they won't always let you. 
    Some churches are willing to share the ceremony with another "man of God" say a pastor will be willing to let a rabbi conduct part of the ceremony, if each person is of two different faiths, but that doesn't happen very often.
    I'd say that for you situation, if you want to get married in a church you'll probbaly just have to let minister of the church you want conduct the ceremony, they probbaly won't let someone from outside perform it.
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    We got married in a church and used our own pastor so it is possible just ask the church.
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    All you can do is ask, although many will not as PP said. I know our church not only do you have to use the Pastors here, but they also require you take their Marriage Prep course.
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    Around here it is possible to have a church wedding with just  JOP.  You just need to find the right church.  I'd see what's around and start calling people

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    we booked our citty hall officiant and they wern't allowed to to it there. And they are the ones that told us...not the church. I know that who ever does it has to ask permission however if you do it at a non-denominational church at least you can pick who you want. If it is in a church chances are it will be a little religious.

    A problem we are facing as well. The church is only costing $150 to rent and much prettier than a hall and much cheaper than renting a tent incase it rains. Do know that they don't have to put in all the religious stuff so even if you have a minister/reverend or whatever all that NEEDS to be in the ceremony is the legal stuff. So you can un-godify it as much as you can, but at the same time you prob don't wanna offend them too much. Beware the SERMON though  for sure ask them if you can have input in it or hear it ahead of time. At my bro's wedding the paston went on a rant about the demise of society and gay people. it was pretty offensive.

    good luck.
  • Well i am also confused about chruch wedding.. My fiance selected beach idea but i said church wedding is the best.. our both ideas clashing..Awwhhh
    what to do.. can anyone sought it out..
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