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We are having a hard time finding a good DJ.  It seems that every one of them gives us a quote, then comes back with "oops, forgot something" and adds something else on.  And I'm not just talking $20, they are adding $200-$500.  Anyone have a good DJ we can count on?  It's starting to get a little scary.  This is the last big thing we have and I'm getting worried now.  Thanks in advance.  Liz

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  • Liz....I can't tell how Danny is as far as performance at the reception. Although, I have only hear good things and he was great when we met him. I have included his website link:


    His contract is very straight forward and we have never had any issues with the sudden adding on of anything.

    Hope it helps and good luck!!!
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  • if you are willing to spend a decent amount, our DJ is great and his price is his price.  However, he is not cheap... He is great though and very much worth the money so far
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  • I have the perfect DJ for you! It's the one we used and he was AMAZING and so affordable! His name is Danny! We looked at SEVERAL DJ's and would pick him again if we ever needed a DJ!! Tell him you were referred to him by a past wedding client (my name is Molly) and maybe he'll give you a discount. He gave me one for being referred!



  • W hired Danny too....he has been great to work with so far... our wedding is April 14th, and we cannot wait!!! His prices are great we got a great discount from finding his at  bridal show...we would have picked him even without it!!
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  • I've heard good things about Midwest (Danny) & Complete Music. Which companies have you had those "whoops" from? Does your venue have any recommendations?
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  • I read several good reviews about Complete Music so that is who I am going with for my DJ :)
  • I m about to book myers mobile in lawrence,ks.. hes charging 495 (traveling more than 50 miles for us).. I haven't met him yet but he has awesome reviews.. and by far the cheapest quote i have recieved!
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