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Getting married in a park

I was just wondering what your thoughts are about having the ceremony in a park.  If anyone has had or been to a wedding in the park, would you recommend it? what did you like/not like about it.  I am looking at using the trellis at spring grove park in hudsonville/jamestown.


Re: Getting married in a park

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    Overall I am fairly anti-outdoor ceremonies due to Michigan weather.  The odds of having completely comfortable temperature and conditions (no rain, no heavy wind, etc) is very unlikely.  Good luck!
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  • sam09sam09 member
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    I think if you want to get married outside in a park, and you have a back up plan in case the weather doesn't cooperate- then GO FOR IT!!!

    I know Michigan has unpredictable weather, but I REALLY wanted to get married at the beach at Lake Michigan. You have no idea how many people told me it was a horrible idea- especially in mid-September. But the weather was perfect!! I had a back up plan in case it wasn't and made sure everyone involved knew about it. (ex. have a note somewhere in your invitation in case of inclement weather, tell florists, officiant, etc.) For mine, everyone knew if the weather was bad, we'd move it to the place where we were having our reception, so we told the caterers, cake people, everyone. Just in case.

    Good luck!
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    My sister's wedding was in a park, and her back-up plan was a small historic building in the park that they were able to book for the day for $50. It sprinkled a little and she ended up having to use the building, only because the harpist and guitar player couldn't let their instruments get wet. And of course the rain only lasted about 1/2 hour through the ceremony... It was still very nice though, and they got all of their pictures right there in the park.

    If you want it outdoors, go for it. I think outdoor weddings are beautiful, though the weather can be a pain. I would recommend some type of back-up plan, maybe there's a pavilion nearby you could use, or rent a tent (if the weather's nice you wouldn't even have to use it).
  • smileybesmileybe member
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    I'm planning on getting married in a park.  I really loved the location because it is so naturally beautiful.  It has flowers and a gazebo and is just pretty in general.  :)  I'm not sure how your park is, but I'm guessing it is probably somewhat similar.  This natural beauty also saves on money since you wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on ceremony decorations.  However, just make sure you have a plan B for bad weather.  

    I also went to a wedding outside for my step-aunt.  I though it was wonderful.  She was really lucky, because the weather was actually perfect.  The only problem was the fact that there were some bugs and stuff.  Other than that, I thought it was great.  
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    I got married at Hager Park in Georgetown/Jenison. I paid to use one side of the building as a just in case. we got to pick anywhere on the grounds but it is a first come first serve basis. Where we picked it was very quiet no one else who was using the park could just appear and watch.  that was one thing i didnt like about Spring Grove.  We had beautiful weather not too hot and not too cold just perfect.

    On a side note about Spring Grove, they double book. with the rental of the trelis you get one side of the building but not the other so someone can rent that the same day you do. I personally know people that that has happened to. so beware.

  • Ruatha24Ruatha24 member
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    heya, I am getting married at Spring Grove Park on August 21!  I've rented out the entire building and trellis area for the later half of the day (from 5-9:30pm).  I've been pretty happy with the parks service so far.

    Caution: two other reviews I've read of Spring Grove have both been favorable, but they both said to watch out for mosquitos.  To combat that, I'm having a beach/luau themed wedding and using citronella torches as part of my decor.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about Spring Grove... I just booked it two weeks ago, so everything is fresh in my mind!


  • valeriemay85valeriemay85 member
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    Kathleen I have a few questions. Did you book it for this year? We were thinking of booking it for next year and they told us we had to wait until they had a board meeting. And how much was it to book the whole building rather then just half?
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