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Recommended Vendors - Just got married in Duck

My husband and I just got married last Friday in Duck and we had such wonderful vendors that I wanted to share some info for the brides to be that are planning a wedding in the OBX.

Planner - We used Nannette at the Proper Setting.  She was incredible!!  I was very hesitant to get a planner at first, but I am so glad I dediced to get one especially her.  We live in Alabama so I had to plan everything from out of town.  I have been to Duck many times, but there are little things that I would have never thought of it weren't for her.  She was truly a blessing and she was so easy to work with.

Florists - The Embellishers.  I hadn't heard much about them when I contacted them, but after talking to them I knew they were going to be perfect.  They did an amazing job!!!  The flowers turned out even better then I imagined.  I love flowers, but I am not creative at all.  I gave them my budget, some of my favorite flowers, and my some paisley paper that I used in my invitation that had our colors in it.  I couldn't belive what all they came up with just from that.  It was amazing!!  They were real easy to work with.

Photographer - AMMC.  Michael was great.  We didn't have a real big wedding, but it was about 100 people.  I was nervous when I saw that he was the only photographer, but he was everywhere.  I don't think he missed a thing.  I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I have a feeling there are going to be some good ones.  I know we definitely aren't going to have a shortage of pictures. 

Hair - Stacy Sheetz, Hair Designers.  Stacy did a wonderful job.  She came to the house and did my hair, my moms, and 5 bridesmaids.  Everyones hair look great.  She is also very calm and patient which is a real plus since she is with you when you are getting ready right before the wedding : )

Good luck with your planning!!  You have picked an amazing place to get married.  We can't wait to go back for our anniversary!

Lesley Jones

Re: Recommended Vendors - Just got married in Duck

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    I am getting married in Duck at the end of August.  What did you do for food? Do you have any pictures to share? 
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    I am  getting married in OBX in September and also using Nannette.  You didnt by any chance have your reception and ceremony at Sunset Retreat did you?  I know she had a few weddings recently there and i thought you might have been one of them.  If so, can you share some pictures?  My email is [email protected] I am getting married there in September and would really like to get some visuals.  If not, share your pics anyway!  Its always fun to look.

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