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last update before the big day!!

Thanks for all the well wishes!! Still no computer - I've just been way too busy!!

I had my final fitting last night and it got me worried. In the past week my belly has grown enough to A. tell i'm pregnant (or just drink too many beers?) and B. it had to be let out a little bit again. I am so worried that by Sunday I will have grown more!!! I don't even care if I have a bump - I just don't want the sides to bunch up. We shall seeeee... 

The DJ has been driving me up the wall.

A few last minute details but they will all get done. I'm doing my best not to stress this week.. Aside from the occasional raging hormonal problem i've been having - i'm doing pretty good! lol.

Since it's my last day at work before the wedding and I have a moment I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. You women have helped me so much over the past few months whether you know it or not. It was so nice to have the support of people who were going through the same things at one point or another. Thanks for all of the laughs and advice and for letting me vent when I needed to!! I love my knotties!

I will be back after the wedding!! This is not goodbye! lol.
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Re: last update before the big day!!

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    OMG YOUR BIG DAY IS HERE!!  I am so happy for you girl! 

    Remember to breathe on the big day.  Take a moment to rest with your hubby (!!!!) and take a breath and revel in the fact that you are married.  It really makes a difference, trust me- the day goes by so fast that without that moment, you wouldn't realize you are married!  Honestly, this was the reason that I didn't do the recieving line- I was able to sit with DH as the guests left the church and lined up, and I was able to rest as we drove around the block in the limo.  Best decision I made, seriously.

    Remember to try and not worry about those fluke moments.  They add character (trust me, you will laugh afterwards!).

    And if it is not done by Thursday at 5 pm (except for dropping items off on Friday), then do not worry about it.  It's not important enough to worry about it and get yourself all worked up.  No one will notice, I promise.  Relax during that time and revel in getting married!

    Good luck!  Congrats!  I cannot WAIT to see pics!!
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    AAAH!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to see your pics and get a big post wedding update!!!!!  And you CAN'T go away yet.  You have to help me when I have my freak out time... lol.
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    Yaaaayyy!!! Don't worry about the baby belly. Worse comes to worse- spanx!! Motherhood maternity sells preggo ones... For serious. I'm so happy for you and your FI:) And ditto everything mbr said. And something to add- DO NOT forget to eat and drink. While this is important for non KU women, it's uber important for you and that baby. You are much more susceptible to fainting. Please drink a shitton of water!! And keep your blood sugar regulated! Granola bars and string cheese!
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  • huttonjhuttonj member
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    Best wishes! Have the time of your life and try not to stress - take the time to enjoy it the day will be gone too quick!
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    Yayyy!! have fun and good luck with everything. no worries :) can't wait to see pics!
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  • Mattsbride10Mattsbride10 member
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    Good luck to you! Enjoy every moment of it!
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    AAAAAHHHHHH!! I can't believe its here all ready!!!

    Congratulations and keep us posted!!!  We want lots of pictures!
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