I'm looking for a cheap option, and it seems like everywhere in Lansing, I'll have to spend $600+ on a cake, which we can't really afford. So, are there any budget friendly options in the Lansing area?

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    Try Cake Art...Beth Henderson.  Does a fantastic job and her prices are great!  Comes very highly recommended...but hurry as she books up extremely fast!
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    I agree.  Beth makes some yummy cakes.  She was booked for my date so I am using the Sweet Cake Company in Portland.  Her prices were reasonable and she gives you many options as standards where a lot of the other places I looked at charged extra.
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    I agree with the other ladies. Beth Henderson with Cake Art is amazing. If you can go to by profile and see my bio, there is a photo of our wedding cake on there made by Beth. For that cake, the base, delivery, deposit, and two sheet cakes, we paid $450.
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    Where is your BIO sarcole530?
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    I used www.tastylayers.com and her cake was sooooo good! 
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    My fiance and I are doing cupcakes to avoid the wedding cake cost...between getting a cake and then paying to have it cut...we are just doing a small cake to cut and then cupcakes all around!
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    My wedding is May 15, 2010 and we are using a guy named Rick Benson and I have his number if you are interested. We know like 5 other people that used him for their wedding and he has had nothing but good reviews. He is super easy to work with and his prices are amazing! He has done some work with the Lansing Center also so I know he is legit. 

    Let me know if your interested. Good Luck! 
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    I'd definetly be interested in his number, thanks! PM me or send an email to 

    gross_johnson_wedding at yahoo dot com

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    We're having a small 2-tier cake and then serving milk and cookies to our guests. It might sound a little weird, but who doesn't love milk and cookies? we're using shooter glasses filled with milk and serving platters of various kinds of cookies. We're asking some family members to make a couple dozen of their favorite kind of cookies. I think it'll be tasty, and cost efficient!
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