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My sister/bridesmaid's shoe purchase -- RAINBOOTS

Had to share this, ladies.  My sister, who has been the most negative bridesmaid around, is so convinced it's going to rain at my outdoor wedding in Pacific Grove, CA, that WITHOUT CONSULTING ME, she bought red and black polka dotted rainboots from Target for her and my matron of honor.  She still doesn't know that I know. I've sent out an email to the wedding party reminding them of the expected dress (including BLACK FLATS), so hopefully that will make the message clear.

Check out these sexy boots!

Anyone else have any goofy stories to tell?

Re: My sister/bridesmaid's shoe purchase -- RAINBOOTS

  • Honestly, if it does rain I think it will be cute. Especially if you can get umbrellas to match.  AND, rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck!
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
  • I think rainboots are adorable, but going behind your back buying something that may not even fit the formality of the wedding?  Totally uncalled for. 
  • I think the rainboots are a great idea if it does rain!!  Is the reception outdoors as well as the ceremony?  I think it would look really good for pictures!  If it is an indoor ceremony they can wear the flats then!!  =)
  • For my outdoor wedding in Oregon, I have pea green Wellies as my back up shoe in case it rains. :)

    If it does rain, they will help. If not, they will not be used so no worries!
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