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Traditional aisle walk music?

For those of you that arent having your ceremony in a church, what music are you using to walk down the aisle?  Im planning on playing Chopin and The Painted Veil soundtrack for the music when the guests come in, but I want something old fashioned to walk down the aisle, too.  Let me know what you are doing!


Re: Traditional aisle walk music?

  • i'm thinking of "at last" by etta james b/c  i love her voice and i'm really partial to all those fantastic singers like ella fitzgerald, sara vaughn, billy holiday.
    either something kinda jazzy or something completely out there, like a lady gaga bm's are into that idea. they want to wear aviator sunglasses and everything haha
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  • My fiancee was crazy about a SEAL song he heard after the wedding of one of his friends.  I think its called "crazy?" "Oh your never going to survive...unless you get a little crazy" lol.. That one.  He said everyone loved it, and he is a modern guy! They walked back down the aisle to it.  I am thinking I would like something different but OLD for mine.....Which debussy song is good?  Ill listen to it on youtube!
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    Oh pretty much anything Debussy is wonderful.  I am partial to his piano music, but he also did fully orchestrated pieces.  Clair de Lune is a classic, and so is the song cycle "Images."   The problem is, they're all kind of long, and if you aren't using a recording, you would have to find an excellent pianist.  Nevertheless, I think most of his work has a beautiful romantic feel.  

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  • Johnny Cash, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, and Elvis.  Maybe some others.
  • I am not a huge twilight freak or anything, but as I was watching the movie I realized that Bella's Lullaby was the perfect song to make my entrance with. It's the perfect length and absolutely one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard.

    Bella's Lullaby
  • That is so hilarious because I already have The Meadow from New Moon on my playlist for before the ceremony! haha.  Im not a Twilight fan either but that Andre Desplat does make great songs!  He did the whole Painted Veil soundtrack that Im using too. 
  • wow i hadnt thought of twilight music. i remember thinking it was good during the movie. i'm def going to download some today.
    other songs i'm really partial to
    "Baby I'm Yours" cover by the arctic monkeys, its a 1960s song originally
    Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin
    Time after Time by Chet Baker
    Someday My Prince Will Come by Miles Davis
    havent deicded if i want a song with lyrics or not yet....

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  • we don't know what we're using yet..we're not sure if we want lyrics or anything either. i really like ''the chairman's waltz'' from memoirs of a geisha..
  • We're getting married on the beach, so it doesn't really apply to me. We're having a friend of ours play uke and sing. BUT my favorite is this sonata by Handel
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  • ooo i just heard The Meadow from the Twilight soundtrack, and its lovely!
    actually there are alot of really good songs on there, I'm impressed with the quality, especially the New Moon OST...lots of good indie songs I'll prob end up using in the reception.

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