Sorry, one more! Steady Creak Cinema?

Steady Creek Cinema is the other videography company I am looking at -- cannot find any reviews!! Anyone heard of them/used them?

Re: Sorry, one more! Steady Creak Cinema?

  • I am using them for my May 2013 wedding.  So far, they have been very accomodating and responsive to every question concern that I've had!
  • I love their work so much and they seem super professional and esasy to work with -- and I really want to use them! I am just concerned because I cannot find any reviews and they do not have references. What are your thoughts on all of that, were you referred by anyone or talk to anyone who used them???
  • I just found them online and booked with them because from their clips they seem to do a fantastic job, especially for what they charge.  If it helps, I think you are going to have a rough time finding a lot of reviews because I think they are a relatively new vendor -   I am pretty sure that they are recent college graduates (which would explain the better price).  I really do not feel nervous at all about booking them.  Hope this helps.

  • I booked too so lets keep our fingers crossed :) Good luck with the rest of your planning and thanks for your input!!!
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