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Ao dai for men: Thao & Donny are you out there?

Thao & Donny, if you're still on, is there a way I could contact you? If your groom's men are not using their gold ao dai's and/or Donny's green and gold ao dai, can I rent them or buy them from you?  I don't have the option of going to Vietnam to have ao dai made and I don't know of any good tailors in Chicago yet. I may be able to get ao dai made in California, but if I could shortcut the process, I would love it.

Or if anyone has a name of a good Vietnamese tailor in Chicago or Southern California , I would really appreciate it!

Judy Huong Tran

Re: Ao dai for men: Thao & Donny are you out there?

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    I got mine from and it came out exactly the way pictured on their website.  They've been used by many brides here and on Project Wedding with good reviews.  There's also,, and that have also been used by brides here.

    btw, just a head's up, make sure you get the guys' head circumferences measured (no innuendo intended!) because they will ask that to make sure their khan dong fits properly on their heads.

    Generally, it would take about 4-6 weeks to get done and in my personal experiences, my S&H charge was about $50-60 or so for a ton of ao dai with khan dong, like 7 of them!  It will probably be less for you if you order less.
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    Thank you for the tips clearheavens! I did see some posts about with good reviews.  I'll keep in mind the shipping costs too. Thanks again! Cheers!
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