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"The Face Place" Makup and Hair help! Please!

Hi girls!  I was wondering if anyone has ever used The Face Place--- Marti is the makeup artist??   Pros or cons?  Also, does anyone have any good updo hair stylists?  I have asked around to a bunch of friends who have been brides/ BM's recently and no one was really crazy about their hair person.  I am hoping to stay around the $50 range for hair and about the same for makeup.   Not sure if Bridal Beauty consulting is good or not---I dont know anyone personally that has used them.   Thanks so much for your help!!!

Re: "The Face Place" Makup and Hair help! Please!

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    I used Bridal Beauty Consulting. Tina did both my hair and makeup. I'm not sure what her prices are now, but I paid about $75 for hair and $75 for makeup (for the wedding day, not counting trial run)... and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY.

    She did a fantastic job and I felt beautiful! I had bridal pictures as well, and those pictures came out fantastic! She went with me to keep me looking fresh during the photo shoot, but she barely had to do anything (even though it was sunny and 80 degrees).

    For the wedding, the makeup stayed on all night (even though it was hot and VERY humid). I had to touch-up my lipstick once or twice (after kissing/eating), and dab a little smudge of mascara from laughing so hard I cried.

    The false lashes she used were perfect- they didn't feel funny and weren't in the way. During the trial run for my hair, Tina worked until we got the exact style I wanted. She did a great job for the wedding. It held up really well through dancing and humidity.

    Overall, I looked like myself, but a bit fancier. I am so happy with her work. You should email her and see if she's still doing free consultations. You basically just go in and talk to her about what you want and ask her any questions you have. She gives you all kinds of information on pricing and services, and then you can decide in your own time whether to book or not. I felt really confident after talking to her. Tina really knows what she's doing and she is so much fun to be around! She had an alcoholic beverage ready and waiting for me when I walked in for my wedding-day appointment... because she knew I would NEED it (and boy, did I!).

    The only thing I regret is I wish I had her stay with me at the wedding. It would have cost more, but I wasn't paying attention at all about what I looked like. Based on what she did at my bridal photo shoot, it would have been nice to have her there to tell me when I needed lipstick or to tell me if I had a curl drooping. It wasn't really necessary, but looking back I'd have booked her for that if I had the chance.

    Sorry, I know your post was about the Face Place... but you asked about Bridal Beauty Consulting, too... and I had such a great experience I just had to gush. Embarassed
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    Thanks so much for the review and advice.   It is nice to get an honest and thorough opinion on a vendor!  It is a big decision for your wedding day becuase you want to look beautiful! :)  I will definitely have to check BBC out!  Thanks so much!
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    I checked their prices recently and I don't remember exactly what it costs, but it seemed expensive to me.  How much should I expect to spend on hair/makeup in the BR area?  Maybe I'm just being too conservative price-wise.
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    I got my hair done at Paris Parker Salon in BR and paid about $45? I loved, loved, loved my hair for my bridals. I am using the same girl for the wedding and so are all of my bridesmaids. A girl that used to work at MAC did my makeup and I paid $50. If I couldn't get her to do it, I was going to go to MAC in the mall and they have 2 options. You can sit out front and the makeup application is free, but you have to buy $50 worth of products or you can sit in the back and back $50 for the makeup application. My sister and all the bridesmaids got their makeup done there for her wedding.
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