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i cut mine down to 12  im sure i forgot pple but i doubt 6- 8 of those will come. 

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  • 12 people total? Man, Wish I could cut mine down like that!! Good job!

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  • I still have to work on my guest list, we have about 250 people we are inviting - most of whom are my parents guests. I think FI and I will total about 70-80 guests together. 

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  • Our guest list is almost final (FI keeps deleting/adding people, he's struggling with the whole coworker thing.  I made it easy on myself and didn't invite any of my coworkers). 
    We have 110 people and that is our maximum our venues allows for, so there isn't much room in there for playing around...
    I know I can't be sure, but I think approx. 10 people might not make it.
  • Our final guest list has come to 156 (including FH and I). With just Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins we were at 110. So by the time we added our closest friends and other important people in our lives we were way higher than we were initially hoping to be. We're pretty sure that being on a holiday weekend and having lots of family who live out of state, we will probably be closer to 115/120 in final attendance but we're budgeting and planning for all 156 to come. 
  • Final guest list is 79, including us. This is not including the vendors (4 piece band & photogp) We have room for 5 more, but that would be it. We added 2 guest last minute this weekend. 
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  • Ours is still a work in progress, but it is mostly complete at 250ish people. FMIL keeps finding people to add and I have a handful of people I'm still on the fence about. Our venue can hold a max of 350, so we've got a lot of wiggle room.
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  • Ours is at 180 and is still a work in process. People keep wanting to add more and I keep trying to take away! We live in San Diego now but are both from the east coast so it's really hard to tell who is going to come and who isn't!

  • we limited ourselves to inviting 40 total.  mine at moment sitting at 14.  some is family since im getting married in vegas and been difficult relationship doubt they will come
  • We are at 120 right now, and hopefully it will stay right around there. We can add as many people as we want because we are getting married at a friend's house under a tent.
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  • My guest list has gotten wildly out of control thanks to my FMIL. She's been telling everyone she's ever met about the wedding and saying "don't worry, you're invited" without telling us. When we try to cut people she throws temper tantrums. So we reached an agreement that she can invite them if she's willing to pay for them. She'll be shocked and in for a rude awakening if they all say yes and she finally realizes just how much it will cost her. We need to guarantee a minimum of 150 and can have up to 500 so there's plenty of room; I'm just annoyed that there will be several people there that I've never even met. My hopes for a small wedding went out the window fast once family got involved lol now it's the more, the merrier!
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  • lol see thats why its only FI and I inviting people nobody else.  we are paying for it
  • We have budgeted for 80 and have a list of 104. FMIL knew we had a max of 100 at the venue and stuck to a smaller list. She also offered to throw us a small post HM party for those other friends she didnt invite....which I think is so nice of her.
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  • thats is nice of her.  are you going to cut your list again or leave it at 104?
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    [QUOTE]<strong>We have budgeted for 80 and have a list of 104</strong>. FMIL knew we had a max of 100 at the venue and stuck to a smaller list. She also offered to throw us a small post HM party for those other friends she didnt invite....which I think is so nice of her.
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    Is this a good idea? I think you should budget for 104 if your guest list has 104 people on it.  That way, once and <u><strong>if </strong></u>people start to decline or can't come for whatever reason, you could put whatever it would have cost to have them there in a "just in case" account or whatever and then you'll be able to have that extra money to play around with for something "extra" or to upgrade something you had planned on.
    It would just suck to budget for 80 people and then to have, even 90-95 attend...
    Can you cut the list down at all?

    Also, that's a really cute idea to throw a post HM party for those who were not invited, but just be careful that no one gets offended that they "weren't good enough to invite to the wedding" ...as I have seen this happen before <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/scripts/tinymce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-undecided.gif" border="0" alt="Undecided" title="Undecided" /> It's kind of like B-listing.
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