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Engagement Stories!

Hi ladies,
I was just wondering what everyone's engagement stories were. Were you surprised by the timing and/or method?

Here's mine to kick things off:
Jimmy and I were visiting Quebec City in July. We had been walking around town all day in the heat and humidity and were trying to figure out a place to eat for dinner. We were both worn out and hungry. I consulted the information we had downloaded about the town and found one of the recommended restaurants rated as the most romantic in Quebec City called Le Saint Amour. We walked to the address and it turned out to be quite a formal restaurant. Given that we were both hot and sweaty and in jeans we asked the Maitre D' if it was still alright for us to eat there. They were surprisingly welcoming given our schlubby appearance. Yay for nice Canadians! We were seated in a small room with 4 or 5 other tables. At one of these tables were seated 3 or 4 couples who all looked to be in their 60s. Jimmy and I had ordered and were holding hands across the table. Eventually, one of the older gentleman from the nearby table approached us. He told us that all the couples at their table had been meeting at this restaurant annually for quite some time and that they had each been married for 30+ years. He said they all knew what a love that could last looked like and we were it. We thanked him for his kind words and he went back to his table. I can't even remember what Jimmy said to me at this point, but shortly thereafter he dropped to one knee next to the table and proposed. The restaurant was nice enough to bring us complementary glasses of champagne! It was definitely one of the most perfect and amazing moments in my entire life. I still get teary eyed think about that table of long-married couples.
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Re: Engagement Stories!

  • edited December 2011

    That is such a sweet story!!

    I wasnt expecting my engagement at ALL. I mean AT ALL. I was going to try on bridesmaid dresses for my best friends wedding one Sunday. Before I left, Ned asked me if I wanted to have a picnic on the beach to close out the Summer. I say sure, without thinking much about it. He said he would get all of the food (which is weird...My man is a Mans-man...No grocery shopping for him). Also weird...He kept saying it was MY day. I thought he was being sarcastic. I had no idea what was going on. I got to my girlfriends house and actually said "Ned is acting really strange today. I think he might have done something wrong."
    Anyway we tried on dresses and I came back home to a cooler full of awesome food and stuff for mimosas. So we head out the door, but Ned DOESN'T want to take the dog (ALSO very weird).
    We get down to the beach, set up a nice picnic and start eating...and THE DOG runs by. I start freaking out because I thought my dog had run away from home and made it the 2 blocks to the beach alone, until I turn around and see our roommate had brought him down. The roommate just turns around and walks away. At this point I am AWFULLY confused...
    Ned calls the dog over and I see it-- The clamshell. I don't think my heart had ever beat that hard and fast in my entire life. I was absolutely overwhelmed with feelings.
    So, we got engaged on our beach in the Sunset with our dog.

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