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appropriate dress for rehearsal dinner?

hey guys!

would you say that this is an appropriate dress for the church rehearsal, or is it too....cocktail party? I'd feel perfectly fine wearing it to the dinner, but I'm not sure about the church part.  I'm not as tall at the model, so the dress comes to just a tiny bit above the knee on me.


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Re: appropriate dress for rehearsal dinner?

  • It's a pretty dress. Could you put a wrap over it for the church maybe? Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable that way. It's hard for me to say because RDs around here are fairly casual. I did wear a sundress to mine, but most people show up in khakis or jeans, and the girls might wear a sundress or jean skirt, so this seems overly dressy for a RD for me, but if it is normal to dress up that much in your circle, then I think it is fine.

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    It's definitely more dressy than what would be "normal," but I'm okay with that.  I'm really just looking for an excuse to wear my new dress that I got for way cheap on ruelala  :)  Thanks for your advice!
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  • It's a beautiful dress! I believe that a bride can NEVER be over dressed :) For the church part, I'd definitely do some kind of wrap, shaw, or caridgan. I think it's perfect for a RD. 
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