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September 2012 Weddings

My centerpieces have been finished! PIP

Of course I'll have to buy more lemons when the time comes, but my mock-ups are finished and I'm actually really happy with them. The first picture is the main centerpice, the second is going to be in the center of the kids only table. What do you guys think? We opted to use cities instead of numbers for the tables.

Re: My centerpieces have been finished! PIP

  • Super cute! Love that they are different from the norm - great job!
  • SCogs18SCogs18 member
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    What is in the smaller jars?  I can't quite tell.

    Also, how old are the kids at your kids table?  When I was little I would have deconstructed your centerpiece and used it to color on the table cloth...
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  • The smaller ones have lemon drops in them.

    And I know they will be disassembling them, I'm okay with it. :) They are going to have coloring books and random activities to do. They range in ages from 3-10. The tablecloth is black and the venue seems to be okay with them having crayons.
  • oh fun! I love the colour!
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  • Really cute!! 
    One thought... do you know what the parents thoughts are about the kids table? The reason I ask is because the smaller kids often need help from parents to cut their food or just to keep an eye on them.
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  • SunBear22SunBear22 member
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    Thanks ladies. :)

    I'm thinking during the meal they will be seated with parents, but there will be a table off to the side for the after meal time. It's a toss up between doing that or just having them at their own table entirely for dinner.
  • They are both lovely!  Your wedding will be super colourful and amazing.  Love it!!
  • The ribbon on your centerpieces is super cute! They look great. Nice job!!

    I think the idea of a little activity table is a great idea. Parents can have a little bit of adult time and even take turns keeping an eye on them. I think that would go over pretty well at our wedding, but Im not exactly sure how many kids may be coming to the wedding yet. I think a lot of people will get babysitters. But I may be stealing this idea ;)
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  • I think they look great. I agree that having an activity table for after dinner is a fun idea, we're having a 'kids corner' with some dollarstore toys and stuff.
  • :) I'm definitely keeping the kids table, I was up in the air but TK really helped.
    Thanks for all the compliments ladies, I'm so happy about my centerpieces now.
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