Rehearsal dinner options

What's everyone doing for a rehearsal dinner? Are you having all out of town guests join you after the rehearsal for dinner or not?

We're only having about 50 guests, most of them live outside of greater Portland (many are from other states). We're starting to get questions about this and I'm not sure what to do. I'd love to include everyone but that would be just about everyone who's coming to the wedding and reception the next day.

I was going to do a BBQ at home but honestly I don't have time to do that the day before the wedding - I'm going to be way too busy for that. My family is all out of town so they can't do it. I'm thinking of just taking the people who are involved in the ceremony to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and not including everyone else.

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Re: Rehearsal dinner options

  • My FIL hosted a BBQ at his house after our rehearsal.  The only OOT guests that were invited, other than WP members and their SOs, were my aunt and uncle (my mom's sister).  I'm incredibly close to them, I only have 2 first cousins (their children), and they were both in the wedding as my MOH and one of my H's GMs.  They were pretty much automatically invited because they would be helping my MOH with her two kids (our FG and RB) while she was doing some MOH stuff with me. 

    Over half of our guests were actually from OOT (40 or so) and there was no way I could invite everyone.  Luckily, most of them did not come into town until the day of the wedding, so it was really a non-issue.

    RDs are not required, and you should only host what you can handle.  If that means just including the WP and their SOs, then I think that's perfectly acceptable.  I do think it's rude to exclude significant others, but it does not make sense to host your entire guest list for a rehearsal and then the actual wedding the next day.
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  • We definitely plan to include their families in whatever plans we make.
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
  • My fiance and I are having ours at the Salt Water Grille in South Portland.  I think we're inviting 50ish - my entire family is from out of town, as are a lot of our family friends so they'll be included.  Beautiful views of the Portland skyline.
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