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Florist issues (vent/ long)

This past weekend we met with almost all of our vendors.  I'd say pretty much everything has gone really well except the florist. 

First, back in the fall, I scheduled an appointment with her to pay her a deposit and make me a centerpiece prototype.  I stopped by and said I'm here to see the prototype and she had completely forgot.  I cut her some slack because we had just experienced a really bad hurricane that week and everyone was losing power and sleeping at each others' houses and everything.  Ok, I let it slide and paid her the deposit.  I had plenty of other things to worry about and figured I could worry about the prototype later.  (still... Strike 1)

Fast forward to this past weekend..... she called me on Saturday and accused me of missing my appointment.   Looked through my emails and confirmed that she NEVER responded to my email asking what time to visit, so I had assumed it was one of those "come in when you can" type of appointment.  I try my darndest to stay on top of things and it really annoys me when someone wrongfully accuses me of messing something up. (Strike 2)

Then, we planned for me to arrive 90 min later.  I showed up and saw a centerpiece on her table.  It had lime greens and pastel pinks/ purples/ blues with no white.  So wrong I can't even tell you.  It's not even that it wasn't pretty, but it was not AT ALL what we talked about and it wouldn't match my color scheme one bit (my colors are pretty much vibrant pink/ deep purple and I wanted white thrown in too. (see my "inspiration" below, just wanted it a bit more simplified)...
I literally thought this centerpiece she had was from an earlier appointment.  She was able to adjust it slightly but I felt as though I was stuck.  It wasn't what I had expected.. it wasn't anything like the pics I had shown her... and now I'm really worried I'll see them on the day of my wedding and be crushed. 

This is my Strike 3.. problem is I'm stuck with her because I paid her totally in cash (to save a few hundred $$s) and in full already.  I've been trying to avoid conflict with my vendors, but I feel like I need to make this right.  I sent her an email this morning expressing my concern and I'm nervous about her response.  Augh, if she doesn't make it right, she will be getting a few nasty reviews but I really hope it doesn't come down to that!!! :( 

Thanks for letting me vent, ladies!! I really wish I wasn't worrying about this so close to the wedding.  Has anyone else had issues with their florist or another particular vendor? Have the issues been resolved?

Re: Florist issues (vent/ long)

  • Ugh... that sucks.  

    My florist is probably my favorite vendor... so I'm no help there.
    My venue/catering has been the most difficult to work with.  There's two girls there, one is very responsive... the other, not so much.  We made some changes to scale back on our cocktail hour offerings because we wound up with a lower guest count than anticipated, and that took about 10 emails and two phone calls to straighten out.

    Do you have any sort of contract with your florist that outlines what you requested?  Mine has an itemized order of which flowers, in which colors I wanted for each thing... my bouquet, BM bouquets, bouts, two different types of centerpieces, etc.  If you do, and she doesn't deliver on that, I'd consider her in breach of contract and want my money back.
  • That really sucks and whatever happened to the customer is always right?  You are paying her for something and you have every right to speak up to make sure you get what it is you want.  You didn't have to choose her.  You could have found another florist but you chose her so she should give you what you want and appreciate the business you are bringing to her.  If she pulls it off right possibly future business as well. 

    I have had a pretty good experience with my vendors, but again we only have a few vendors because my mom and I are doing a lot of it on our own.  My mom is doing my flowers and bouts.  She horticulture in HS and has done flowers ever since on the side.
  • Yep, our contract had everything listed out that the florist was going to provide. So if you have one and she's not giving you what's on there, you have grounds to ask for your money back.

    I just got a call yesterday from my florist to let me know that two of the flowers (one in my bouquet, one in the girls') aren't available due to weather. So she wanted to see what I wanted to switch them out for. So nice of her to call and ask instead of just assuming what I wanted and putting them in for me.
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  • Sorry you're having so many issues with your florist :(  I can't complain about mine (my mom is doing them, she worked @ a flower shop for 10 yrs).  If it were me, I would email her the pictures along with a detailed description of exactly what you want.  Flowers are so expensive & you should have what you want on your day!!  Good luck & keep us posted!
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  • I agree with PP. My florist has an itemized list explaining exactly what we're going to get. If you have something similiar and she's not delivering on it don't hesitate to leter her know and/or request a refund. If you don't have something listed out, I suggest you list it out yourself and send it to her along with inspiration photos.
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  • I agree with all the PPs. Check your contract, see if there's anything in there about what you can do if you're not satisfied. Document EVERYTHING, save emails and write down phone calls, you might need them later if she gives you enough trouble! Good Luck!
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    Unfortunately our contract is really vague.  I mostly didn't catch this because I know little to nothing about flowers so listing out anything other than roses and hydrangeas would have been foreign to me!!  I've also never purchased flowers from a florist before, other than the bouts for my prom dates, haha!  My contract does say how much each thing will cost (i.e. bouquet = $X* 6 = $Y) which made enough sense to me.

    Seriously, thank you for all of your feedback and ideas.  I sent her an email with pictures and she just left me a voicemail about 10 minutes ago.  I'm going to meet with her Friday morning, as she'll be gone at a convention the rest of the weekend.  Her voicemail mentioned that many of the pics had flowers in it we're going to use, which does make me feel a bit better.  She just doesn't have the friendliest tone, ya know? But anyway... it was just so hard for me to picture it all when we met this weekend because I ended up taking out a lot.   That's the point of the prototype right?? :)

    I'm feeling a lot better now.  As long as Friday morning goes well, I'll be a lot less stressed and consider myself lucky that this has been the worst part of planning so far.  It can always be worse.
  • thats no good.... i have my fingers crossed for you that everything is just right with the flowers. and sometimes its hard to be level headed with all your vendors. your paying them all this money, you think they wouldnt be jerks to you. word of mouth is the biggest advertising you can have in this wedding industry... you think they would want good feedback....
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  • I'm sorry about your florist fiasco. My florist angered me, too. I got a quote and didn't like the price, so I was about to walk, but he asked what would keep me so I gave him a number and he accepted it. Well, a few weeks later I get a revised quote (he had omitted one of the bouquets in his first quote) and then the price was over what we agreed on. He went back and forth with me for a bit, but never got back down to the price we agreed on during our first meeting. So my MOH went in with me and scared him, lol, got the price back down. Now, I have no idea if the flowers will be what was promised -- my friend is picking them up the afternoon of the wedding. At this point as long as they are purple and white, I'll be happy. But the back and forth was VERY stressful. So thankful for my MOH for helping me get it straightened out.
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