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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Wedding is over and I wanna choke some of my vendors..

Ok the wedding is over and I am a happily married woman !!  But I have some complaints I cant get out of my head and need to vent and ask where to go from here with them. 1st my flowers were wrong, very pretty but NOT the colors & flowers I asked and paid for. The florist brought them to me a little over 1 hr before the wedding was to start so I saw they were wrong and said nothing at the time I did not want to spoil my time by being pissed about flowers...but now I am. 2nd my cake lady decided she thought my cake needed  to have bigger desgins on it so it looked like I made it and had very thick gloppy frosting on it of course she was pre paid as well. I dont know how to approach them about me not being happy without getting into a confrontation ( I have short temper and am emotionally invested in how things went) I see me calling them and it going south very quick and ending in me cussing and being hung up on. any advice on what to do??

Re: Wedding is over and I wanna choke some of my vendors..

  • Unfortunately, there may not be much you can do as far as getting your money back or anything. You could, however, write a letter or call the vendors you mentioned and see if they will make anything right or give any sort of a refund, but don't count on it. The other thing you could do is write vendor reviews on your local board so ladies planning their weddings can read them. You can also write vendor reviews on TK.

    Things do happen, and no one's wedding day is absolutely perfect. The important thing is that you are married.
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  • I agree with the PP.

    But I just want to say it's refereshing to see someone who has a complaint, but is not letting it ruin their day.

    You married the love of your life, you win.
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  • I was very unhappy with my limo company, won't go into why because in the end they made up for it and I don't think it was normal for them.  I wrote them an email and told them why I was unhappy (implied was the slightly veiled threat that I would write those same complaints on the knot).  They refunded me several hundred dollars. 
  • I was unhappy with my DJ.  Sometimes, thinking about him gets me down, but I try not to dwell on how bad he was.  I try to just remember the fact that I finally married my soulmate and we were surrounded by the people we love!
  • I agree with the PP's that there isn't much you can do about it other than write them a letter or call but to be prepared for them not to do anything. However, you can help other brides by leaving reviews on different websites about them. People need to know what occurred especially if you call them and they do nothing to right the situation.
  • I feel your pain.  I'm a bit upset about my photographer.  For paying out thousands of dollars, and they didn't get half the shots we asked for or the shots weren't close up enough to see people's facial expressions, we are disappointed to say the least.  Granted they gave us alot of beautiful shots, but not nearly as much to chose from as expcted. 
    The most we feel we can do is just to sit down with them and voice that we are disappointed.  We don't expecct to get anything back or anything, but we wanted them to at least know we weren't 100% pleased.  Perhaps you could just mention it to them that weren't pleased and just wanted them to be aware of it.  I wouldn't go demanding anything about it though considering its paid in full and done with.
  • Let me add:
    I have a terribly short temper, so when we do meet with them my parents are joining me and they know that if I'm getting frustrated they will step in :-)
  • With the flowers it might've been that the flowers you picked out weren't in season and just cost too much. They're still a business and need to make money, and most don't make very much money in the first place. You said they were pretty, thats all you can ask for! Most of the time when you order flowers you need to just specify color and what you want to pay. 

    As for the cake, theres no excuse for that to not be as you asked. She should have spent more time on it, sounds like she just wanted to cut corners. 

    And if you do call, don't yell. You'll just look like bridezilla and they'll shrug it off. 
  • I agree with some of the pp that suggested instead of calling write them a letter.
    Perhaps include a copy of your contract referencing the type of flowers you ordered. Don't call. WRITE. Stay unemotional in your letter and state you did not recieve what you paid for and ask for resolution.

    Also, since the pen is mighter than the sword, so be sure to write vendor reviews on the wedding websites. Perhaps wait until you have some resolution on the flowers and cake before you bash them. They may refund some of your money.

    Best of luck!
  • I don't get the "you're married, you win" concept. You paid for one product, and recieved another. Of course you have the right to be upset, just like if it were any other occasion. Write them your concerns :)
  • I highly recommend you post your frustrations on the vendor section of The Knot.  I relied on people's opinions when I was booking for my wedding.  My flowers were a little different than I anticipated, but they were so beautiful I don't really care.  It is strange seeing purples, ivory, pink and white - with no blue which blue was a major color of the wedding.  I also had a suprise when I saw the cake.  We were supposed to have some detailing on the cake, I even have a picture that we talked with her about.  My cake was plain with little pearls at the bottom of each layer - thank goodness for the beautfiul flowers.  These things don't really bother me.  I look at pictures and it is beautiful.  Spread the word if you are disappointed...and I would start with here.
  • I wasn't 100% happy with my Reception Hall or my DJ, and my limo company gave us a limo that had lousy air conditioning. I already posted a review for each vendor and mentioned it - none of these things were really major. I would probably book my RH again although I'd be more on top of things knowing then what I know now.

    My DJ was a disappointment in the sense that they didn't really play any of the songs I put oin my Suggested Song list. They were good at the announcements and being on time - but they blasted the music at too high a volume for the tiny room we were in, and played wayyyy too much ethnic music than I would've liked. Halfway through I felt like the DJ was just playing whatever he wanted to play - and the songs didn't really have a good flow. I wrote all of this in mjy review, and now its out there on the internet for any potential bride to read if she has the time/resources to find it.
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    See my reviews of vendors at WeddingWire.com.
  • I recommend writing out your complaint... If you need unbiased opinions, and make it generic, post it here, and we can give feedback on it, before you send it onwards...
    Take a look at your contract, does it say anything specific on the flower selections, or if you had images of a trial?

    Do you have your photographer's pictures of the cake and flowers?  Add those as images (with copyrights) on the poor quality of the cake... 

    If nothing happens, you could threaten for poor product/services rendered quality to bbb.org. 

    And if that doesn't work, you can also threaten that your reviews for specific vendors will be posted on all wedding sites (the knot, the wedding channel, the wedding bee, brides.com etc) to warn new brides about not using their services.

    If nothing works after that, then just let it go... You married your husband, and if you want to have a vow renewal in a year, with the right flowers and cake, go for it!!  You've done research now :)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
  • Are your vendors listed anywhere e.g. Theknot.com or projectwedding.com?

    If they are I would put up the review there.  BUT, here's what you should do.  Write the review DO NOT POST IT, wait two days and then review it and post.  You should not speak from too much anger.

    Like another poster said if you are entitled to receive what you paid for.
  • >> when we do meet with them my parents are joining me and they know that if I'm getting frustrated they will step in :-)

    If your parents' names were on the top line of the invitations, then your parents hosted the wedding and it's your parents who didn't get what was promised at the event they were hosting.
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