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Marine Father / Uniform - Help!

Ladies, I'm not normally on your board, but have a question regarding marine dress blues and am hoping somebody has an answer or can direct me to the place to find the answer.

My dad is a Marine, no longer active duty and did not retire from the military. He did have an honorable discharge and is a Vietnam Era Vet. I know Groom's who get married and are in the military can wear their dress uniform... My dad no longer fits in his uniform (no surprise I'm sure) as he has been out of the military for probably 30 years at least?

My questions are this:
 A - Can he still wear his dress uniform?
 B - If yes, can he get one in his size someplace?

I really hope the answer is yes and we can organize it before my January wedding, I think it would look so amazing and I'm so proud of him for what he did that I want to recognize that fact.


Re: Marine Father / Uniform - Help!

  • Since he served during wartime and was given an honorable discharge, yes he can wear his uniform if he chooses.  He would wear the rank he had when he was discharged.

    It says you're in LA - anyway you can take him to USMC Camp Pendleton?  Or 29 Palms?  One of them would probably have a uniform shop (ladies who have been to those bases, correct me if I'm wrong!).  I know FI has gotten all of his uniforms from the USMC Shop at Quantico in Virginia - they're EXCELLENT!  They do phone orders and ship, so if your Dad can't get to a shop, he can call them up - they'll tell him which measurements he needs, and then he can have a local (very good) tailor take his measurements.

    Just make sure that HE wants to wear his uniform, not just you.  I know your heart is in the right place, but a lot of Vietnam vets do not want to put on a uniform again after how they were treated when they came back.  My FI will be in USMC Dress Blues, as will one of his groomsmen.  My FFIL is a Vietnam vet with two purple hearts and would not ever consider putting on a uniform again.  Just have a little heart-to-heart with your Dad where you suggest it, and let him make the decision.  If he feels like you really want it, he might do it even when he doesn't want to, and I think that would be a shame.  Let him make the choice!



  • You are correct about how they were treated, we were just discussing the differences between then and now not that long ago. Before I brought it up to him I wanted to see if it was even an option. Thanks for the info - now to check with him! :)
  • It is very sweet of you to be so thoughtful of his service.  Keep in mind that military uniforms are incredibly expensive for a one-time wear.  I just retired from the Army, and much to the chagrin of my command I refused to buy the new uniform (would have been about 600ish bucks when all was said and done) because the wear out date of the current green one is 2014.  I was "highly encouraged" as a senior NCO to put out the cash but I wasn't spending that kind of money for something I would wear a handful of times and then hang it the closet.

    Just wanted to let you know that price may be a concern here.  Good luck!
  • If the uniform ends up being too expensive he can wear his medals on a tux or suit coat lapel.
  • In Response to Re:Marine Father / Uniform Help!:
    [QUOTE]If the uniform ends up being too expensive he can wear his medals on a tux or suit coat lapel.
    Posted by Sammy0709[/QUOTE]

    Wow, I didn't know you could do that!  From what I've read on the Internets it has to be mini-medals though, right?
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