Ghost orchid replica - impossible?

 Hello excited people!
 So this is my query...
 I 've absolutely fallen in love with the ghost orchid. Check it out. You will love it too! Okay, maybe don't though cause then you'll be in my boat. : |

 This flower is gorgeous, but unfortunately, also seemingly unattainable. It is endangered.
 I see that you can grow them, which for me is not an option. I've thought to ask growers for their flowers, but considering the love and time that goes into this process I highly doubt my money will satisfy them. They're going to want to keep their flowers.
 I don't see this flower available in silk.
 Are there any shops/artists that can create a custom silk flower? Would a new mold be required to do this and so dubbing it impractical?
 Does anybody have any ideas on how to achieve this?
 Any direction I should turn toward?

I really appreciate any help!
Thank you!


Re: Ghost orchid replica - impossible?

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    That is a really pretty flower, but upon seeing that it is endangered I would lose interest- anyone who puts that much time into growing something endangered deserves to keep it- not sell it to someone for a bouquet. 

    But, your idea about a silk is a good one. If you find someone who can custom silks, let us all know- because I've never heard of a service like that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 

    Cool find, btw... how did you hear about/find this type of flower? I've never seen it before. 
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