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Married 08-11-12 PIP

Hey ladies!
I've been a married woman for 5 days now, between unpacking wedding stuff and packing for the honeymoon (we leave Friday) I decided to stop, breathe, and check out the knot!!
Well, I got married on the coldest day in August this year!  It was about 67 degrees, my girls were in short dresses, but didn't complain.  A few guests wore their husbands jackets because they were cold.  But I felt wonderful in my 14 layers.  I guess weather is something you can't predict, because I assumed it'd be in the 90s Lol.  

The reception went really well, but flew by way too fast.  Future August Brides, don't be overwhelmed with being pulled in each direction by every guest, breathe, relax, and have fun!  
I was so exhausted at the end of the night!  We stayed at a historic bed and breakfast in town and crashed hard for the night.

Oh another piece of advice, make sure you have ALL of your decorations and stuff together.  Some things were forgotten about and left behind (for example, I had a mason jar of glow stick bracelets for the kids that I put up high so the girls I babysit weren't playing with them before the wedding), wellllll.. I just found them this morning. 
Just a few little things were forgotten about.

But all in all, it was everything I dreamed of!!  It was beautiful & fabulous!! I can't wait to get the photographer's pictures!!

 My daddy walking me down the aisle

 My husband and I after we were pronounced Mr & Mrs

Our balcony view at the bed and breakfast the next morning


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