Bridal shops! I need suggestions!

I plan on starting to browse for my wedding dress soon (early I know but I'm so excited!) and I've heard some very mixed reviews about Letts Bridal in Lansing, MI.

The store looks gorgeous and they carry the line of bridal dresses I'm most interested in, but some of the reviews are just horrible (problems with deliveries, time managment, rude staff, etc.)  Any truth to these reviews?

If so, does anyone know any bridal shops that provide great and reliable service in Mid-MI?


Re: Bridal shops! I need suggestions!

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    My favorites are The Wedding Bell in Okemos and Becker's Bridal in Fowler.  The staff at both are great.  DD got her dress at Becker's and the bridesmaids dresses and my MOB dress were from the Wedding Bell.
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    I ordered my dress from Beckers.  Dress shopping there was great!  They were hands-on when you needed help, but also hands-off when you just needed time to think.
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    The Wedding Bell! Katie and her staff are wonderful.
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    Personally, I hated Beckers.  The dresses I tried on were not in good repair and the sales lady was not at all helpful.  My sister and dad did all of the work and she just stopped by to see if I wanted to buy anything (and I did have an appointment).

    I got mine from Fantastic Finds.  They've been really great and have given discounts on BM dresses and I for free jewelry for my girls.  The only thing that I didn't like was that they won't tell you the designer so you can't really look  elsewhere for it.

    I'm getting my dress altered at the Wedding Bell and they seem to have a great selection.  I wish I would've looked there to be honest.  I thought they were way too expensive for some reason, but they do have affordable dresses.  From what I've noticed though, I wouldn't get BM dresses there...they are cheaper other places.

    I looked at Lett's for BM dresses...their prices were right, but after reading the reviews I decided it wasn't worth taking the risk.
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    I had great luck with the Wedding Bell in Okemos.

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    Fantastic Finds is a good place and is close to Lett's. I was not impressed with Letts and ended up getting my dress at Beckers.

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    I loved Becker's Bridal, the consultant stuck with me for two and a half hours to finally pick out my dress!
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    Beckers Bridal all the way!  Ask for Mona, she will make shopping for your wedding dress the best possible experience ever!
    Letts was very helpful and really listened to me, I dont know about any issues with ordering. 
    Also, Mias Bridal in Ann Arbor has a great staff thats very helpful. 
    Happy shopping!
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    The only experience I have with Lett's is with a bridesmaid dress. I went in and was measured for alterations on a bridesmaids dress for a friends wedding and about a week later heard that the wedding was being called off. I called Lett's and asked them to not alter the dress (they hadnt started it at that point) and told them I would pick the dress up and have them refund the money I had already paid for the alterations. When I went to pick up the dress, they had went ahead with the alterations and would not refund my money. I dont know of any other issues with Lett's but that was my experience.
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    [QUOTE]I ordered my dress from Beckers.  Dress shopping there was great!  They were hands-on when you needed help, but also hands-off when you just needed time to think.
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    <div>^^I agree! </div><div>
    </div><div>I personally have never dealt with Lett's bridal and honestly probably never will. A friend of a friend of mine is getting married this weekend & was told last week her Mother's dress wasn't going to make in time AND they screwed up the order for her veil & won't compensate her anything. So between knowing someone personally & then reading the reviews is enough to keep me away!</div>
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