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So I remember seeing pictures recently of a few ladies who have used a poster type thing for their seating chart.  You know, the large poster that has table numbers (or the alphabet I think) with everyone's names on it, that you put outside the doors of the reception so guests know which table is theirs.  What I am wondering is how this was used?  Did you use it in place of all other place cards/escort cards?  Or did you use the seating chart AND place cards or some other variation?  Also, if you are planning on using one (or even if you're not but have an opinion), what are you planning on doing?  We really love the idea, especially FI which is funny because he has a strong opinion about this :) and so I really want to do it.  How did you/ would you use this?  Thanks for the help!!!

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    I  had one, pic in bio.  I had it for the cocktail hour so people could find their table, then I had place cards at their specific seats, which were needed because we had a choice of meals and the servers needed to know what each person was eating.  The seating chart worked about great!  I had a designer on esty make it (Belltristics, info in bio under vendors), and I printed it off at kinkos and put it in a poster sized frame I got at Target.
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    PS- This is FutureMrsLRAllen, I have a new screen name.  Also, for some reason my bio is not showing up, I will work on that but in the mean time if you need the info let me know.
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    We're doing one in place of escort cards. This is our inspiration and I have a great template if you need it.

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    could you please e-mail me your template  would love to use it also thanks Ellennaz at cox dot net
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    Thank you ladies for responding!  SO beyond helpful!  I just have 2 more questions.  1. We are planning (as of right now) on doing stations and not a seated dinner.  Do you think I need any additional place cards or anything?  2. Nycegrrl99, could I please have that template?  That would be AMAZING!  I was trying to design one myself, but I'm not really sure how to do it!  Thank you soooo much!  My email is [email protected]

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    I want the template too!!! I love it! Please and Thank you

    marissa0717 [at]
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    If any of you could please send over the template I would be sooo appreciative.
    [email protected]! Thank you so much!!

  • marcyandpaulmarcyandpaul member
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    Would someone be able to forward me the template as well?
    [email protected]

    Thanks you!!

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    Oh my goodness, I just found out we needed one and my wedding is in 2 weeks!!!! If you wouldn't mind sharing or forwarding the template I would GREATLY appreciate it soooo much!!!! mechelle21 at gmail


    The soon-to-be-Michelle Paluch :)
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    Could someone also send me the template?  [email protected] And does neone know how much it costs to get it printed at kinkos?  Thanks!
  • i would love to have the template also if someone doesn't mind sharing it.

    nicholerblanton at gmail dot com
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