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How many guests needed for a dance reception

I am having a very small weddign of 50 poeple and love to dance, so of course I want lots of dancing at my reception. There will be about 20 people who I know love to dance, and 15 others would most likely join in. We will have a sit down dinner and an open bar for the entire night, which we all know makes people dance more. My question is, do you think there will be enough people dancing or will it just be awkward with so few and and everyone will just sit it out?
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Re: How many guests needed for a dance reception

  • My DH and I don't care how many people are on a dance floor.  We like to dance and so we do.  If your and your FI start dancing, I think more of your guests will feel comfortable about joining in.

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  • Technically, 1.  But I like to dance with my guy sometimes, so 2.
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  • If people want to dance, they'll dance. It would be stupid to nix the dancing just because you think people *might* be sitting out.

    And what's the big deal if they don't? If your DJ or band sees it's clear that people don't want to dance, they'll put on some more mellow music so that people can chat and mingle in peace. If you're arranging your own music, make a Dance playlist and a Mellow playlist, and have someone switch them up if need be.

    Don't micromanage it. Just play things by ear.
  • I went to a reception with only about 30 people there, and we danced all night.
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  • That's more than enough!  Most people danced at my wedding (70 guests), but at one point, DH and I were swing dancing and the only other couple out there were my parents.  Everyone else was just watching (we had taken lessons so knew some "moves").  It was pretty funny when we realized.  We had a blast, and the band was great.  That's what matters in the end.
  • It depends on whether your guests are the dancing kind or not, and lets not forget that booze is a big factor in the dancing, lol.

    Generally for dancing, I'd suggest it only for receptions over 75-100 guests.  In your case, you know most of your guests like to dance, so I say go for it.
  • Sounds like you have enough "dancers" in your crowd to warrant it.  Go for it!
  • My photographer photographed a super intimate wedding - 15 people tops and they danced their butts off after dinner. If the music's good, people will dance. End of story.
  • Thanks everyone for the positive comments. I feel much better about it now!
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