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would you eat this cake (and do you have a good recipie)?

i saw this cake on the martha wedding site...it sounds amazing. 

vanilla-bean spiced apple cake -- filled with caramel buttercream -- is drizzled with luscious caramel.

if you were a wedding geust, would you eat this?  i'm hoping to have a friend make our cake but i want to find a really good recipie to give her to use.  has anyone made a cake similar to this and would you mind sharing your recipie?

Re: would you eat this cake (and do you have a good recipie)?

  • I haven't made anything like that but I could probably just dive head first into it.  It sounds amazing.  If you come up with a good recipe please post it.  Have you tried google/food.com/allrecipes.com/foodnetwork.com?
  • i saw the picture and i'm like "omg...i want that cake!"  i'll check that link!
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    Only because you asked, but no I would not.  I don't like spiced apple anything.  I don't like cooked apples either.

    I wouldn't be disappointed either.  I'm kind-of Meh about wedding cake anyway.  Even if I like all the flavors I tend to only have a bite anyway.

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  • I would save this recipe for the grooms cake (DH had pumpkin spice for his cake, the wedding cake was vanilla almond).
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  • @ Goodluckbear:  groom's cakes aren't a thing in my area.  i'd actually never heard of them until i joined the knot.
  • that's actually the recipie i found after i made this post.  it's not the one i had originally seen though. 

    here is a picture of the cake i originally saw. the apples on top are dusted with edible gold dust!

  • Yes, I would.
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  • Yes, I would eat it!  A nice, creative change from standard white cake.  And what a gorgeous picture!
  • I think it sounds delicious!  If your ticker is correct, It looks like you are having a fall wedding, I think it would be a perfect seasonal cake flavor for that time of year.  Our baker offers both carrot cake and spice cake as standard wedding cake flavors and I think your cake flavor is similar to both of those. If we were going to have a fall wedding I would have definitely considered doing the spice cake. I think you should go for it!
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  • yes, we are getting married on octboer 28:)   we are definetly doing a version of this cake!
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    I would definately eat it, but might want the apples not spiced - depends on the spices they use :)
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  • I definitely would. Yes, yes.
  • the cake sounds delish! but putting a "DRIZZLE" on a wedding cake b=would be incredibly difficult
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