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March 3rd Brides

How are you doing?  I'm freaking out just a tad!!!  Am I the only one that still has lots of stuff on her to-do list?!  OMG I feel like it's never ending all the details.... honestly I can't wait for the wedding to be over so I can enjoy my husband and our honeymoon!!!!!!

Re: March 3rd Brides

  • I'm trying not to freak out..I was saying earlier that we got my ring yesterday and it was way to small (the salesgirl ordered the wrong size!) but I've decided to not freak out about it. I will just use my E-ring if that one doesn't come back in time.

    I just have to finalize music, make some signs, and the programs and I'm done...

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  • I still have things to do as well! So don't feel bad!
    I have to finish assembling my programs (hole punching and knot tying), I have to buy some frames and print a few pictures, and put our favors together. Timeline and pick up my dress on the 29th! And I am done. Aside from the girly pampering things at least :)

    I am freaking out with excitment!! I can't believe it is almost here!! So stinking excited!!!!
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  • I can't say i'm freaking out, but I have had enough of planning!!!  I can't wait for my wedding so I can just enjoy it and have fun.  I still have a list of things to do (just the small detail stuff), but I still have 11 days to finish it all!!
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  • I'm so over wedding planning I can't even explain it. I am stressed to the max and every damn free moment I have something has to come up and I have to plan it in therefore leaving me in a super shittty mood. Like how my tomorrow has now been planned for me. Can't freaking wait. I just want to be married...

    However my to do list: get ceremony outline to paper lady to finish programs, put together wedding party gifts, plan ceremony with officiant, contact vidographer, photographer, and makeup artist about finalized stuff, get my dress fitted one last time
  • I'm surprisingly calm.  I still have to do seating, escort/place cards, meeting with DJ (today) to finalize song choices, I have to go in for my 3rd dressing fitting since my seamstresses don't speak English and have managed to screw up the dress twice so far, need to figure out flowers for rehearsal dinner, need to buy dads' ties, FI's cufflinks, figure out signature cocktails, make list of must have shots for photographer, and finish the sign for our favor table. 

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