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So my boyfriend just let it slip that he's planning to propose soon. He was half asleep so I don't think he knows I know.
I imagine we will probably get married in a year or two and I am going to be thinking about weddings every day until then :)

I have no idea how a wedding is supposed to work though.I've never been a bridesmaid or part of a bridal party. So that whole aspect has me baffled.  I love the idea of planning the decorations and the theme and stuff but my brain is all over the place. I would like to befriend some south bay brides-to-be and hear all about what you're planning.

Re: South Bay Brides-to-be!

  • I was clueless when I started planning, never having even attended a wedding as an adult yet. I read almost every article here on the knot getting up to speed on everything weddings! With being the bay area the first tip I would have is after he does propose and you start planning pick a date and venue asap since seems like everything books up so fast around here.
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  • I suggest you attend a Wedding Expo, they typically have a lot of infomation there or simply look for a: "wedding planning timeline" online & you'll find what to do step by step.
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