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YAY!!!! I've been engaged since New Year's Eve. I have been lurking for quite a while but this is my first time starting a post. YAY!!! 

So I am still impressed as to how good he kept it a secret. He decided at the end of November that he wanted to propose. Knowing he wanted me to be surprised, he lookedat rings online only when I wasn't around. In early December, I was out until 9 at night tutoring. He took that opportunity to go to the mall and pick out my ring. He got back before I got out and I never knew the difference. Knowing he'd probably want to propose at my apartment at college as he knew that I didn't really want my family there because, well, its a long story, he stored the paperwork for the ring in my roommate's desk. He didn't have the ring yet because I have tiny hands and it needed to be ordered in my ring size (5). When it came in a week later, he said he had to go to the mall to get a gift for his young cousin at the Disney Store, which wasn't entirely his fault. I let him into the building with the ring IN HIS POCKET!! He stored it in my roommates desk. 

By the time New Year's Eve came, only one of his cousins, a few people he worked with, and two of my four roommates (one that didn't find out until she was in California for Christmas). One of my roommates who didn't know had been planning a New Year's Eve party that a bunch of my friends were present at. My fiance was at work and would be coming a bit late. Once he got there I had let him in and he went to visit my roommates down the hall. Not unusual for him, and I had no idea he was retrieving the ring. He looked ashen and he refused to sit down. I was actually genuinely concerned for his health. He actually had to have a couple drinks to calm his nerves and he had to reveal the plan to my other roommate to get her to leave her computer (which explains why she was grinning like the Cheshire cat when she came out). 

Finally he signaled to the roommate that was in on it to lower the music, saying that he wanted to propose a toast. I don't remember what he said exactly, it's all a bit blurry, but it was something along the lines of that he hopes everyone will find their true love and that they should all keep an eye out for it, because he found his and it was the best thing ever. I got up to give him a hug, still unsuspecting because he's typically sweet like that and then he continued by saying that he didn't actually want to propose a toast, he just wanted to propose. He dropped on one knee, pulled out the ring, and I was stunned. I kept asking him "For real?" and crying. Though I'm pretty sure I said yes somewhere in there. A complete and utter surprise. Which is even more surprising because after he had the ring we had talked about getting married someday and I jokingly said "You'd better do it soon!" Little did I know....

Well that's it. YAY!!!!!

Re: ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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