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Comfortable reception shoes- Any advice?

Hi ladies!  I still need to buy shoes for my reception lengha.  I want shoes that are dressy (gold and silver rhinestones) but would also like something comfortable.  I want to be able to dance all night without my feet hurting or even having to worry about my feet.  Does anyone have any recommendations on which brands make comfy shoes?  I would like to stay within a reasonable budget too (maybe like less than $100?)

Re: Comfortable reception shoes- Any advice?

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    No clue but buy those Dr Scholl's inserts! They will save your life.
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    I've heard that a lot of girls have luck finding shoes like that at Aldo:

    Have you also tried searching in,, and You might find something there?

    As for comfort, I agree that the Dr. Scholls inserts are probably your best bet. Try breaking them in prior to the wedding as well.
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    this is totally non-formal but I'd recommend TOMS shoes. I have a few pair and they're AWESOME! they actually have wedding ones too!
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    hey .... i haven't heard fom you in a while hope all is well, it so strabge i've bought my reception shoes but no ceremony shoes, .... i bought a pai that was 2 inches in height something comfortable and i think my lehenga will cover it so that will be ok. i think if your lehenga is covering your shoes just wear what makes you comfortable .... i agree with easy spirit .... heard they were great
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