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You're so vein(y)

I've always thought I had rather prominent veins in my shoulders/upper arms/chest area, but now that I'm getting married in a strapless dress it's really bothering me because I think its really noticeable. 

I am also a rather pasty individual, so I don't know if working on my tan would make them less noticeable, or what else I can do, if anything.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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Re: You're so vein(y)

  • I am quite pale and got frustrated with this problem it always seemed to be even worse in the summer. For me it turned out that I was just dehydrated most of the time and didn't realize it. Aim for your 8 cups of water (remember it's only 8 oz cups so it really isn't that much!) and see if it helps.

    Good luck!
  • I'm the same way. I'm part middle-eastern (olive-y yellow undertone) and Irish (pasty white) so my veins are quite prominent. I agree with the previous post about water, because that can influence the appearance of veins, but the tanning idea is good as well. Just make sure you don't do a tanning bed--those are awful for you. Try to do it the natural way (wearing sunscreen as well of course) or do a spray tan. :)
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  • I got a spray tan and I think that helped.  Either that or my photographer edited them out because I just went back through my pictures and I really don't see them.  I have the same problem though, mainly in my arms which show in every picture.
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