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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Anyone here plan to not wear wedding makeup?

I never wear makeup. In fact, my fiance has never seen me in more than mascara and a tinted lip balm. I have an eyelash curler and consider nail polish makeup lol

I will still probably get makeup done by the lady who always does my hair, she'll be doing my wedding hair also. I'm just a litle nervous about being seen in makeup, No one ever sees me in it and I'm terrified of looking like a clown. I'd want it as natural looking as possible.

So has anyone ever opted to not wear wedding makeup or plan to not wear any?

Re: Anyone here plan to not wear wedding makeup?

  • Yes this ^ While the natural look can be beautiful and radiant in person it often isn't reflected in high-res photos. One bad angle or shadow can make you look sick and tired & basically just not do you justice! I also prefer a more natural look and found a few pictures that I'm considering for myself...maybe they'll help you too :-)
  • I do wear make-up everyday, but most people don't think I do. I keep everything very minimal (Some concealer, a little bit of powder, a tiny bit of bronzer and a tinted lip), so it looks like a "regular" face. If I miss a day (Which is rare, since it hardly takes more than 5 minutes to do what I do), I look kind of sick: dark circles, some uneven skin tone, and kind of washed out. I just use a little to balance everything out and make me look a little "brighter" (I can't think of another way to explain it). Being photographed with and without make-up, even the minimal amount of make-up that I do, there is a HUGE difference.

    Even if you don't want to start wearing make-up regularly, I strongly encourage you to look into doing a "natural face" for your wedding. Done right, it won't look like you're really wearing make-up, just like you've been "brightened up" or something, like the pictures PP posted, but it will definitely photograph much better than wearing nothing at all.

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  • Thank you, ladies! I'll definily be getting some natural makeup.
  • I'm not wearing "wedding" makeup either, just going with my everyday eyeliner, eyeshadow, and etc. and picked out a new lipstick.  When not going to the office I usually just wear mascara and lip gloss.  I have had bad experiences with foundation in the past and I don't wear it so I skipped it when I had bridal portraits taken and they came out fine.  So if you want to look like yourself on your wedding day I can completely relate :-)  I think you'll do well having your stylist try some natural looking makeup, maybe she can do a trial and then for the big day you can change anything you didn't like, she can keep it very subtle where you will just look like you were polished up a bit.
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  • Where are you getting married? At my best friend Katy's wedding in Austin, TX, she had a makeup artist who did all our makeup and hair - even using fake eyelashes! I was so worried it would be over the top, but when we all saw ourselves, some of us actually worried we didn't look like we were wearing ENOUGH makeup. It was so subtle and natural - we just looked like super pretty versions of us. She also had all her own makeup that she MADE and gave the bride a bunch of free lip glosses and whatnot.

    A good makeup artist can do your makeup however you want - her main objective is to make you look BEAUTIFUL, whatever your definition of that may be.
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  • Sydney91Sydney91 member
    edited January 2012
    I have never worn makeup a day in my life, except for a fashion show in high school I could not talk my way out of and they tied me into the chair to do the eye makeup - I hate things near my eyes and contacts scare me. I later had a freak out because I couldn't get the crap off. Never. Again. Not even when I'm dead. It's okay for me to look dead at my funeral. No makeup for me. I realise I'm militant about this, but I didn't appreciate looking as if I'd been punched in both eyes for a week after the fashion because the makeup stained my skin. My graduation pictures and the family portraits we did later that year looked fine with absolutely no makeup. I am who I am. Why should I change my appearance? Those blemishes are a part of me. The photographer can do her magic to reduce blemishes. 
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