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How to fill guest downtime between church and reception?

Our ceremony is at 2pm (traditional Catholic so figure it will run about an hour to an hour and a half) but our cocktail hour will not begin until 5pm.  It will likely take guests about 25mins to get to the reception site (Cary) from the church (Downtown Raleigh), leaving guests with approximately an hour to kill.  Any suggestions on how to fill this time?  Being that I currently live in Manhattan and previously lived in Charlotte, I will have plenty of guests from out of town and don't want them to feel lost or bored.

Re: How to fill guest downtime between church and reception?

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    Your guests may want to use this time to go back to their hotels and "freshen up" or something like that.  If they want something specific to do, I'd direct them towards the Science or History museums in downtown Raleigh.  The museums are free so they wouldn't feel like they'd wasted their entrance fee by only staying for an hour or so. 
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