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Hi ladies...I have been busy busy and I haven't posted in a while, so first of all, happy holidays to everyone!

We are 6 months away from the big day (eeeek!) so I am starting to plan some of the small details. I'm wondering what I should get my bridesmaids as gifts, and I'm intersted in hearing about what other people have done. What are you getting/did you get for your BMs as gifts? Did you give them the gifts at the rehearsal dinner?

Also, I'd like to give something to my parents and FI's parents, for all of their help and support with the wedding. Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks all!

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Re: BM gifts

  • Congrats on the 6-month mark!!

    So far I've gotten each of my BMs a Coach wristlet. I haven't decided what else to get them, but some of my ideas are:
    -personalized mugs or tumblers
    -gift cards
    -earrings and/or necklace
    -plush robes

    And then I'll probably get my MOH a bottle of wine as well.  The plan  is to give them their gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

    For our parents, we're thinking of giving them a gift card to a favorite restaurant and/or a nice picture frame with one of our e-pics (to be replaced by a wedding pic later). We're also getting them copies of our wedding video.


  • I think for the BMs I'm going to do a tote bag with their inital on it and will fill it with some things both for the wedding and then some stuff just for them!
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  • For my BM's I have gotten them:
    - Kate Spade coin pursse, different colors based on what I thought they would like.
    - Monogrammed note cards, set of 10 and a monogrammed note pad.
    - Pearl earrings and bracelet.

    I haven't figured out what I am going to get my parents or FI's parents. Probably a mini parent album & gift card to a restaurant. Maybe a weekend away for my parents. I'm not sure yet.

    Hope that helped!
  • I am also curious what others did for their parents.

    For my BMs, I got them tote bags that are monogrammed, coach wristlets, some comfy slipper things for the big day and navy blue flip flops for the reception. I'm also hoping to make hangers (so far not so good, me and wire do not mix!) and homeade coasters. I am also paying for mani/pedi, hair and make up the day of for all of them. I plan to give it to them all after the rehersal dinner, we are all spending the night at the hotel beore in a suite so I'm going to have it ready for them when they come in.
  • For the girls:

    - I am paying the $50 deposits for their hair and makeup.  For the 2 girls that aren't getting makeup done I will give them something in addition, maybe a spa gift card for one since she is giving birth in Feb.  (They already know about this.)

    - I also got them Lia Sophia necklaces that all of them have seen except one girl.

    - I will be getting them earrings.

    - I'm thinking of getting them some nice flip flops (maybe Reefs) for the reception

    - Probably something else, but I don't know what yet.  I'm figuring on spending about $75-$100 on each girl.

    For the parents:

    - For my mom and FI's mom we are getting them the wedding cake pandora charm.

    - We don't know what to get his stepmom.

    - His dad and stepdad are groomsmen so they will get the same gifts as the guys, but maybe a little extra something.

    - We are getting my dad "das boot" glass so that he can continue his tradition of drinking out of a shoe all night (don't ask!)

    And yes, we plan to give these at rehearsal dinner.

  • Mona8 -
    I think the Coach wristlets are a great idea.
  • Thanks ladies! I have a follow up question now....if you are giving them jewelry, are you expecting them to wear it for the wedding? I plan on giving them earrings but they don't have to wear them to the wedding if they don't want to. (They are very basic, simple earrings).
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  • Yes, I am expecting them to wear the jewelry.  With my girls they will assume that anyway.  3/5 of my girls have already gotten married and I was a BM in their weddings.  For every one of those weddings we were given jewelry that was for us to wear that day.
  • If I give my BMs jewelry then they won't be required to wear it for the wedding.
    I think most of them will anyways though, but it'll be up to them.
  • All of my BM like to drink wine and I am thinking of getting them each a lolita wine glass, and then maybe a matching earing/necklace set.  They have lots of cute ones on etsy.

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  • For the jewelry, I am expecting them to wear it. I'm giving them simple pearl studs and a pearl bracelet. In every wedding I have been in, we've been given jewelry and I think whether it was expected to or not, we would have worn it anyways!
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