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What would you do?

Okay, I just had my shower last week and my wedding is in 2 weeks. Is it acceptable to combine my shower and wedding gift thank you notes, as both events are less than 3 weeks apart? Or would you be offended? 

Re: What would you do?

  • wmh6wmh6 member
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    I have really only had guests give me one gift rather than one for the shower and one for the wedding.  I have been sending thank you's as soon as I get a gift.  I think it would be fine for you to send one thank you note though as long as you mention all the gifts you were given by that person.
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    I think the common-sense people would totally understand the practicality of one thank you note, but I can think of a bunch of people in my family who would be expecting two thank you notes if I were in your shoes.  Definitely your call, but I like to think that they would all understand.  Have fun in the home stretch!!
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    Hmmm...I agree, it depends on how much your family/friends are sticklers for eitquette 'rules' and such.  I think it would be fine to combine them as long as you take care to mention all of the gifts that were given.
  • Kate504Kate504 member
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    I think it would be fine to send one as long as you mentioned both gifts.

    Like the PP said most in my family just do shower gifts or wedding not both.

    A lot of time it is the older family members that would like two cards if they send two gifts. So I would keep in mind who are sending the gifts and what their ettiqute "rules" are.
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  • meganb1977meganb1977 member
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    That's true about considering if there are any older / more "proper" people whom you think might expect two notes and doing it that way for them.  Agree with pp's about being careful to acknowledge each gift.  I think I would be fine with it if I received one thank you note, especially with the shower so close to your wedding, I understand time constraints and that it takes effort to sit down and put your words together!
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