Wedding Woes

Today is a happy day.

This project that has been 15-20 hours/week on top of my regular 40+ hours/week job that I've been working on since October is wrapping up today.  Yesterday all I had to do was get signatures from the big wigs and it didn't happen and I was in tears over the thought of missing the deadline, but my big boss stepped in and helped last night and got the signatures to me this morning and I fired them off to the auditors and now I just have to wait for word that they have issued the report.  ::gasps for breath:: Y'all, this project has drawn BLOOD from me.  I want it done so badly.  There will be drinking tonight when I get the all clear. And even though I shouldn't spend the money, I am scheduling a spa day for myself to celebrate.

Next on the stress relief to do list:

- Get my kitchen back
- Get my car back
- Get a new job for H

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: Today is a happy day.

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