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Hi Everyone!
I am in the process of signing my contract for my ceremony and reception to be held at Postcard Inn St. Pete Beach!!!  I am in Pittsburgh, PA so I'm going based on everyone else's opinion of the venue!  It seems to be exactly what we are looking for for our destination wedding.  ANYWAYS...when reading on TripAdvisor, the hotel itself gets some nasty reviews about it being dirty, and a few people went as far to say there were RATS?!!  I don't want to believe everything I read, but I also don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a venue that isn't what it looks like in the pictures.   Anyone out there have a wedding there or has been there and can let me know what they think??!!


  • thats were I got engaged!!! The hotel is an oldddd hotel that was refurbished and much nicer than it was, however is not an 'upscale' hotel. My FI and stayed there for a weekend, which is where we got engaged. our room was clean (no rats!), but you could tell it was a little older. The hotel has a very laid back feel to it, for example, in our room the accent wall was a surf morale. The bbq restaurant attached to the hotel (which i believe is also a catering option) is DELISH!! while we were there a wedding was in progress. The ceremony was on the beach (this is a public beach, and a very busy part of the beach so expect lots of 'watchers'). The ceremony for this wedding was on their lawn, outside. The actual wedding was beautiful! but there was no privacy so it just depends on what your looking for. The hotel is a U shape, with the inside of the U the lawn and pool area which hotel rooms and balcony's overlook. There is also a very popular beach bar. The hotel was a reputation of attracting lots of day-drinkers (not only guest of the hotel) which linger into the early evening for the beach bar. while I was there, there was also a band in the veening by the pool so be sure to ask what time the live music starts so it doesnt interfere with your DJ. depending on the month of your wedding plan on it being very busy. I have not seen the inside venue area, however would imagine it is much more private.
    Overall the wedding there was beautiful, but if having out doors dont plan on privacy.

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  • I second what the previous poster said. I almost had my wedding there but in the end decided that it was not private enough and a bit grungy for some of my fiance's family. We were looking at the inside 'ballroom' which is quaint, but keep in mind that they will do two weddings at once,so if you are having your wedding there there could be another one going on at the same time. Also, just FYi there is no elevator for the second floor ballroom, and only one bathroom.
    In the end it just really depends on your crowd and what you are going for. Personally I also thought their base catering price was a bit high, but that also depends on the # of people you have coming whether you'll hit the $8/10,000 mark easily.

    Hope this helps!
  • I attended a wedding here in July (probably around 80 guests, very casual). The wedding on the beach was lovely, however the meal and reception are not private at all, so we could see people walking back and forth from their rooms to the beach. Awkwardly some folks watched/lingered. Also, in July it was CRAZY hot, and there was no cover during the meal, which made it very uncomfortable. The inside seemed quite nice though.
  • I agree with the other posters said.  It's a really cool, kitchy looking place- that's what initially drew me to check it out.  Also I had been reading that it was supposed to be pretty affordable so I thought that would be win/win.

    It is really cool-looking.  Perfect for a laid-back style couple or retro-lovers.  However it is also not very high-end, which is fine if that's not important.  I worry my older family members would be a little put-off by it, but my cousins and siblings (our generation) would think it was neat.  Loved that they have hammocks outside of the rooms on the ground floor, but the rooms surrounding the garden area leave a lot to be desired.  Not horrible, but very old motel-y.

    I also agree the price seemed a bit high, though it was our first venue to see, but if it works for your budget it'll def be a unique and memorable wedding.

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