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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Good Flower Shops? Kalamazoo area

I'm wondering if anyone near Kalamazoo area knows of any good places that I could buy individual flowers. I'm thinking of going with simple calla or daisy bouquets for me and my three BMs so I just want to get the flowers and put them together myself. Most of the shops that I have found websites for online offer pre-made arrangements/bouquets which is not what I want. Anyone know of a good and affordable place I can go?

Re: Good Flower Shops? Kalamazoo area

  • AmoroAgainAmoroAgain member
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    If you don't mind doing a bit of a drive, there's a Horrocks in Battle Creek that does flowers for pretty cheap.  I used the one in GR, and had all of my bouquets done for $160 I think it was. 

    You can also check out local grocery stores like Meijer or Felpausch or Jewel to see what they can do for you.

    Otherwise, you could check out places such as fiftyflowers.com where you can have the flowers delivered to you a day or two before the wedding, and you can put them together then.  I was seriously considering them, but I realized that I needed so few flowers that it wasn't economical.
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    Its not a flower shop, but consider calling Gull Meadow Farms. Their flowers are incredible - the colors are brighter then anything I have ever seen before. I dont know if they  if they will sell them by the stem, but if you can buy them by the plant, it may end up being cheaper. It may be worth a shot. Like i said, their flowers are incredible and have the deepest color I have ever seen!
  • amycamilleamycamille member
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    schaffers on stadium is good, just expensive. vandersalm's is good as well, however I'm unsure of their prices.
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    I haven't lived in town for a few years, but I always used Vandersalms for proms/formals/my sisters wedding.  Can't remember prices but I remember they did really nice work.
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