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Good Morning!

I have been MIA because I spent a great few days in Philadelphia celebrating my sister's birthday.  It was EPIC!! lol!!

Hope to catch up on posts although work is pretty busy so I may not post too much.

How are you all?
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Re: Good Morning!

  • Hey Nicole!!

    It is frigid here this morning! -6 and feels like -31 (so my phone tells me)

    We met with an invitation lady yesterday, she's supposed to be sending me mock up s today (I'm compulsively checking my email like every 2 minutes)

    We booked our site visit trip for the first week in feb. I really feel like we will be on high activity level once we have the visit. Most of the big decisions will be done and I will know what else I need to worry about / DIY / plan for I think (I hope!)

  • Morning Ladies!!

    It's been a busy few days with my business partner leaving for vacation for two weeks.  Between my fiance and I, we have three business to run plus try and sort out all of our stuff since we are moving in a couple months.  There is never enough time in a day to get everything done. 
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  • Afternoon!

    I've been slammed at work, so just trying to keep my head above water. Good to be busy though. 

    Just found out FI is going to have to spend a couple months in California right after we get back from the wedding, which is a bummer. But the work is near Yosemite, and other cool places, and since we'll be married he thinks he can get them to fly me out for a long weekend, which would be awesome! 
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