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XP: Need help with Shower, please

I am trying to plan a bridal shower for my sister and want to do a "Some like it hot" and/or "Spice it Up" theme...  Not totally lingerie related, but being open/creative to whatever it means to add spice to the marriage. 

I think it's a really fun idea, but I'm lacking in the creativity department for invitation design and wording.

Can somebody help me with ideas for how to word (and/or design/decorate) the invitation?  I'm thinking I'd like to say something about bringing a gift to help spice up the marriage, being creative to what that means, etc.  Could be a poem, could be just words.  If a poem, I wanted to be simple, something like: "Roses are red, chili peppers are too..." and then go on to say something about spicing it up. 

Any thoughts/ideas???


Re: XP: Need help with Shower, please

  • queen_bee101queen_bee101 member
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    It's not meant to be racy at all, just fun.  I did a bit more brainstorming last night, and I think this is where I'm headed (so far at least):

    The theme of this shower is Add a Little Spice
         (next line a few options but so far this is my fave):
    Cookware, linens, and lingerie all suffice
    Please be creative and have fun while you choose something "hot"
    Lets spice up this marriage before they tie the knot.

    Then I'm considering to go on to say something about being open to interpret what spicy/hot means... herbs/spices, candles, cookware, linens, lingerie, etc... unless I've got it covered up above.
    The second line could change to something like:
    Be it a candle in the bedroom or cooking spanish rice...

    Any thoughts?
  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    I like the ideas you've had so far!

    I don't think you need to explain about how hot and spicy can be interpreted. I think the examples like "Please be creative and have fun while you choose something hot" and then adding in the suggestions of cookware, linens, lingerie, candles will make it more concrete.

    If anyone has questions I'm sure they'll ask!
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    that is such a cute shower theme.  i think your poem is really self explanatory, as long as you don't think the bride will be shy about opening possible lingerie in front of mothers or other friends & relatives
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