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Our Centerpieces!

When FI and I got to my parents house for Easter my mom had this centerpiece that she put together as a possibility for the wedding.  I love it!  We're going to try our hand at growing the flowers this year, if we have no luck I'll go to one of the various DIY florists in town and order the flowers.  The purple flowers are iris' (also the title of FI and I's song!) and the white are hydrangeas.  I'd like both myself and the BMs to have simple purple hydrangea bouquets!

We'll add another cluster? of hydrangeas to make it a little fuller.  But I love the simple, modern look it has.  So I just have to find like 15 more 15" glass vases... lol

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Re: Our Centerpieces!

  • klaphamklapham member
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    OMG! I figured out my centerpieces too! We are using lavander hydrangas along with some sort of poofy flower :-)

    I absolutely love it!
  • AH I love love love hydrangeas, I'm so surprised I don't see them more often at weddings.  Post yours when you have a mock-up, I'd love to see!! :)
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  • Wow those are really pretty and don't look really complicated to put together yourself.  I still need centerpiece ideas.... i'm so not creative.
  • I love them!!!  Simple but elegant!!!  And I love hydrangeas!!
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  • doeie04doeie04 member
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    Love it! I think another cluster would be perfect!
    You can get vases similar to that from the dollar store. That is where I am getting mine. :)

    They used to have taller ones, maybe they got rid of them.... :S I do like the shorter ones because you don't need as many flowers to make them look fuller. (In my opinion.)
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  • Those look awesome!  I also love hydrangeas!  Definitely having them in our centerpieces.
  • Very pretty!
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  • I love it! It's beautiful!! Are those real flowers?
  • Beautiful! I love the simple, modern look too!
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  • Thanks guys!!  Yep they are real flowers.  And doeie, thanks for the tip!! I'm definitely going to have too look at my local store and see if they have the taller ones... if not, at a dollar a piece I think I could compromise :)
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  • Wow! Beautiful! I love them, tell your mom she did a great job! :)

    If you want to cover the inside so the stems wont show you can do something like this. Its called aspidistra leaves. Not that it looks bad the way you have the :)

  • i love them :) i am a candle girl though more than a flower person so our centerpieces are candles.
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  • Try Hobby Lobby, if you have one near by but watch the sale ads.My daughter and I lucked out when when we looked, all the glassware was 50% off , we got 1 BIG Hurricaine( 3') vase and 2 (2')  stemed vases for the BP tables, we are using hydrangias as well(must be the year for them)

    We were able to find nice glass vases at Dollar Tree for the reg. table centrerpeiecs, try them as well if you are looking for more vases. We also bought tiny flowers,and  1/4" ribbon in her colors (Hobby Lobby) and tied bows using the ribbon around put the tiny flower(tiny hair flowers) in the bow around the DT vases glued the ends of the ribbon to the vase with reg. stick glue, they look fabulous! I would post a pic but they are 1100 miles away @ my daughters house. Another Idea was DT had taller glass wine goblets you could do candles or flowers with those. They did have a large selection of vases and you could order them on line from DT as well. I didn't know that until we checked out and the sign was by the door. Not sure if you are putting water in the vase with the flowers if you are you could try to add a drop or 2 of food coloring in it to help hide the stems a little and give more color.

     I agree your mom did a fantasic and elegant job I absolutly LOVE it! :)

  • I really like how these look.  I would add another hydrangea head though to make it appear fuller.
  • Those look great! The vase is the perfect height to display those flowers.

    I'm waiting until my cousins wedding this weekend to really think about my centerpieces because they're giving us their centerpiece vases. :) *Horray for free stuff*
  • I really like the idea of trying to grow the flowers yourself.  I think that is an awesome personal touch that I don't think many people have ever tried.  And if it doesn't work out there are SO many places to by bulk flowers these days.  Good luck!

    We are doing candle centerpieces.  They are not a priority in my budget so I am only spending about $5/per table to save money.  Hopefully they will still look nice.  I will be doing a mock run this weekend.
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  • they look great!!! im doing water vases with a flower submerged for mine!! has any1 seen them first hand?
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