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Bridal Shower Registry???

I feel so stupid asking this question, but the other day someone told me that you need to make a registry for your bridal shower/that most people do...

Is this true? It seems a little... I don't know. I just feel like maybe people should feel free to get you whatever they would like! You are already asking for presents for your wedding, right?

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Weddings have gotten less and less traditional, so sometimes I don't know what is socially expected/necessary and what isn't!
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Re: Bridal Shower Registry???

  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    You typically only make one registry and people will buy gifts off it to give at your bridal shower and your wedding.  You will get the majority of your items at the shower and mainly cash and gift cards or checks at the wedding.  One registry is fine.


  • egm900egm900 member
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    [QUOTE]I shop off the registry for both the shower and the wedding.  For the shower, it's something small, like baking pans or towels.  For the wedding, a larger gift, such as a place setting of their china.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>I do the same as Retread.  Whether you will get gifts at the shower and cash/gift cards at the wedding tends to be a regional thing.  In the South, the majority give gifts for both, small items at showers and bigger ticket items for the wedding.

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