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Happy Valentine's Day

Any big plans for you happy couples? I have to work late tonight so we are celebrating over the weekend.
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Re: Happy Valentine's Day

  • Happy Valentine's Day!!

    We're going to attempt to go out for dinner this evening. I hope it isnt too busy. We usually go out for dinner around V-Day but not on the day to avoid the crowds, so I dont know why this year has changed lol.
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  • We are both off work today and are just spending the day together. This afternoon, we are going to see the vow (not his choice lol) and going out to dinner tonight.
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  • We are quite informal, tonight Im going to the gym myself, have to stop by walmart to drop off a prescription lol, so I prolly won't see him much tonight lol.  We got each other a small gift and we went to a restaurant on Sunday, close enough to the real deal so it worked out.  I mean, I might have something waiting for me at home but I don't really expect to.
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  • We're not doing anything too special, except I'm making FI a nice dinner! I just have to stick it in the oven since I did all the prep last night :) I made stuffed shells with chicken, spinach and pesto! I also made an appetizer since FI always gets munchy while I cook. It's an Italian dip made of white beans and garlic. And for dessert molten chocolate cake! It's kind of half-baked so when you cut into it, the chocolate runs out... Can't wait!!
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  • Our valentine gift to each other was paint and a fan. LOL we are painting a few rooms and have to get rid of some ugly colors. (He painted a few rooms blood red, blue and purple. It's quite horrific and depressing.)

    FI is also going to go grill some steaks for dinner since normally I'm the one who makes dinner. I am just making a few sides and letting him take care of the rest. :) 
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  • Unfortunately FI had to work all day today, 9-9, and then i have classb7-930. So we probably wont see each other until about 10pm. :( however I am a little excited because we are buyingba whole new bedroom furniture set as a gift for the both of us! Lol

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  • FI and I live about two hours away from each other and couldn't see each other today so we celebrated over the weekend while he was here for my birthday.
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  • We don't even get to see each other today =/ But we usually don't celebrate anyways because our anniversary is on the 6th so we celebrate for that. Friday FI is taking me out for dessert/to see The Vow! I've heard great reviews so I'm pretty excited.

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