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Vintage attendant gifts?

Any thoughts on fun (and affordable) gifts, especially for the girls? I've had a few ideas offered so far, including personalized compacts, or vintage parasols or folding fans, all of which I am considering. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!

Re: Vintage attendant gifts?

  • Yes!! Go to The Wedding Chick Blog and the store on there.  There are the cutest vintage looking t-shirts that say "bridesmaid" or Maid of Honor. In small writing the MOH one says "my anchor," too.  I got them on sale for $10 each. I think normally they are $25 or so. I think they are so cute for the girls to wear while we are getting ready to take pictures in and then keep for pajamas or whatever. SO CUTE!

  • I would also check Etsy,they have really pretty necklaces,earrings,and other gifts that you may like your BM.
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  • I always believed in giving personalized gifts for attendants, not just accessories for them to wear on the wedding day.  I'll be giving my girls each a different necklace from an etsy seller named Lauralidesigns.  Each of their leaves will be different.  HERE is an example of one.  (they can wear them or not wear them on the wedding day, it's totally up to them).

    In addition to that, all my ladies are avid readers, and I'll be purchasing some vintage books for them.  I love this idea, and highly recommend it!  It's vintage, really personal, and very inexpensive!

    Overall, though, I'm spending a little more on my maids than normal, because they are spending an absolute fortune to stand by me on my wedding day.  They're coming from all over the world.

    Same goes for the groomsmen, and so FI will be purchasing pocketwatches for them, with their initials engraved onto them.
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  • Another little thing that isn't expensive is vintage hankies. You could get them personalized with embroidery.
  • Thanks for your ideas, ladies!
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