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Extra hors d'oeuvres or late night snack?

Hey ladies, I'm looking for a little menu advice. My and FI are in the process of finalizing the wedding menu. We've chosen 5 passed hors d'oeuvres (scallops wrapped in bacon, chicken tempura, etc...) but now we're stuck on whether to do an hors d'oeuvre display as well. We initially planned to do a cheese & cracker display but after going over other options, I think the money would be better spent on a late night snack for our guests (i.e. cookies & milk, burger sliders). Personally, I would love a little something to eat after a night of cocktails and dancing. What do you think? The late night snack would be slightly cheaper than cheese & crackers. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Extra hors d'oeuvres or late night snack?

  • Are you serving a meall, or just the hors d'euvres?  If there's no meal, I'd opt for the additional apps.  If a meal is planned, I'd opt for the late night snack.
  • We are serving a full meal as well, the apps would be for the cocktail hour.
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  • Well, around here, cocktail hours are huge. So because of that, I'd say to add to the cocktail hour & nix the late night snack. If 5 appetizers is a common amount in your area, then do the snack.
  • We had a late night snack of sliders & fries, and it went over well. We had a lot of young people in their teens & 20's, even the adults loved it.

    We served it about 2 hrs before the end of the event, which was about 2 hrs after dessert, with enough time for people to eat the snacks before they left.

    I'd vote for the late night snack myself for obvious reasons, LOL.
  • I'd do the late-night snack. At a friend's wedding, they served pizzas at 10:30 or 11 at night and it was perfect! They also had apps and a full meal but that was at 6 or 7. After dancing for a few hours, everyone had worked up another appetite.

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  • I love it when there is a late night snack offered, so I vote for that!
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  • PeavyPeavy member
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    I think that by the time a late snack is served, many of your guests will have left.  So you will be paying for food that doesn't get eaten.
  • I think both are great; as a guest I'd be happy to see either one.
  • I'd go with the passed apps and late-night snack.  

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  • How long is your reception? We had a 5 hour reception and really, there wasn't enough time for a late night snack. One hour for cocktail hour, then we did our intro, then toasts, then dinner. Then we did our first dance and a little dancing. Then we cut the cake. This took our reception, which started at 6, to about 9 or 9:30. It ended at 11. If we had put food out at 10, people would have just had dessert - and they had dinner around 7:30!

    Now, if your reception starts at 5 and ends at 12 or 1, go for the late night snack.
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  • sxcwedsxcwed member
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    I'd vote for late night snack as well.  As long as you'll be serving the main dinner fairly shortly after the cocktail hour at least!  You don't want people to fill up on appetizers before the full meal and if you're going traditional, you'll have a few hours in between with the dances, tosses, etc after you eat so people will have the chance to get hungry again.  I'd just plan to have the extra food brought out fairly quickly once all the toasts and cake cutting is done so that people that opt to leave a bit earlier can take some of the food as well.  It'd be a shame to see so much left over.
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